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How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Brand

As it is the case for your logo, colors have meanings. It is then important to choose the best colors when you create your branding. What would you like that your potential customers feel when they see your logo? The symbolism of the colors is not to be neglected!
How to Choose the Best Colors: Tips and Tricks

There are many things to consider if you want to create a distinctive and attractive logo. You will find in this section a few pieces of advice on how to choose and manage the colors of your logo and, by extension of your brand.

Colors used by the 100 top companies worldwide

Colors Help Customers Recognize Brands

Colors help customers to recognize brands easier 80% of the time. This is because humans detect colors before anything else. Therefore, the color choice must be taken seriously since it will be related to branding by customers.

Why 3 Colors for a Logo?

Most iconic logos use three colors or less. The main reason for this is not complicated: if you want your logo to be recognized easily, it must be simple! Thus, if you limit the number of colors, it will help the recognition and strengthen your brand. Besides, this limitation allows you to have easier management of the brand and its variants on different media.

The Meaning of Colors We have designed this tool to allow you to learn more about colors and their meanings. You only have to select one of the colored stickers to discover its meaning!

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