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Whether you are an enthusiastic runner, a football coach, or a member of a swimming team, your sports team likely needs a logo. Do not be afraid; FreeLogoDesign has everything you need to create a sports logo in just a few clicks.

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How to create a sports logo

Whether you are a professional athlete or not, here are a few steps to follow to create a logo for the sports field.

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Find your sports team name

Your logo must be representative. Consequently, it would be great if you find the name of your sports team before starting the creation of your logo. Think about what makes your team unique. Is it your skills or your determination? Is it possible to add local components to your logo (for example, choose a local animal to represent your team)?

Look for the perfect emblem

You might have noticed that many sports logos are combination mark or symbol logos . These types of logos are made up of an icon. Once you have found your sports team name, you need to find the emblem. FreeLogoDesign has thousands of different icons. We are sure that at least one of them will meet your needs.

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Think about the colors and fonts

Two essential components of your brand image are the colors and fonts. First, during the creation of your sports logo, do not choose more than three colors. Use a main color, a secondary one, and a third one for the accents. Then, think about finding the right font for your logo.

Check the versatility

There are strong chances that your sports team's logo is used in many places, whether it is on your website, posters, or even on the players’ uniforms. Consequently, your logo must look perfect whatever the medium. To achieve this, we suggest you use a vector file of your sports logo when possible and try avoiding adding too many details to it. Keep it simple!

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Why choose FreeLogoDesign to create a sports logo?

FreeLogoDesign is a logo maker used since 2016 by thousands of users every day. Many people chose our tool to create a logo for their sports team.

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Simple and easy

Whether it is your first logo or not, FreeLogoDesign is an easy-to-use logo maker. Start the creation process by looking at our logo templates, choose one, and then customize it with our intuitive builder.

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Hundreds of templates

One of FreeLogoDesign’s greatest strengths is its large number of logo templates. Indeed, you can find hundreds of templates related to sports, whether it is football, soccer, tennis, or karate.

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A free logo

Do you need a logo quickly but do not have the budget to hire a professional? Do not worry; FreeLogoDesign allows you to create a sports logo for free in just a few minutes.

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A la carte options

A strong brand image is essential, whatever your favorite sports are. To help you stand out, FreeLogoDesign offers many a la carte add-ons (social media files, business cards, signature email, etc.)

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Frequently asked questions about sports logos

Where can I find icons for the logo of my sports team?

Whatever the sports, you can find thousands of icons on FreeLogoDesign. You only need to click on Add an icon to start your search.

Which types of logos are used by sports teams?

Generally, three types of logos are used mainly by sports teams. First, the emblem logo is created from an icon only. Then, there is the combination mark logo, which is made up of an icon and the sports team's name, and finally, the badge logo. Most of the time, the shape of a circle or a badge is used for the background of this type of logo.

I want to create jerseys for our team’s players. How can I proceed?

Whether it is for a sports or e-sports team, if you participate in tournaments or special events, it would indeed be relevant to have customized jerseys with your team logo. Have a version of your logo in a vector format, and then contact a jersey store. Please note that an SVG vector file is included with FreeLogoDesign’s premium plans.

Where can I find sports logo examples?

Take a look at the official teams of different sports associations, whether it is football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc. You will find hundreds of logos created by professional teams. Also, FreeLogoDesign has a special page for sports logo ideas.

Which colors should I choose for my sports logo?

All colors can be used to create a sports logo; however, some color combinations like red, blue, and white are used a lot by many sports teams. Brush up on the meaning of colors, and then choose a main color that will help you stand out from the other teams and represents you well.

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