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Frequently asked questions on Discord logos

Creating the perfect logo for your Discord server with FreeLogoDesign is easy. But just in case, here are the answers to questions you might ask yourself.

  • What are the steps to follow to create a logo for Discord?

    Whether you are an expert or not, here are some steps to follow to help you create a logo for your Discord server. First, ask yourself what represents yourself and what makes you different from other players. Is it your favorite video game or the game console? Do not forget that you are creating a logo for your Discord server, not for another player or streamer. Second, think about your brand image by choosing a type of logo, a color palette, and a font that represents well what you have in mind for your Discord.

  • Where can I find the best icons for my Discord logo?

    It is essential to find the perfect icon if you want to create a logo for a Discord server, especially if you make a combination mark or emblem logo. There are thousands of available icons on FreeLogoDesign to help you. When creating your logo with our logo maker, click on the Add an icon button to begin searching. Try different icons until you find the one that meets your needs. Several icons can represent your values and interests; we have plenty related to video games.

  • Can I create a free logo for Discord with FreeLogoDesign?

    Yes! As the name suggests, you can create a free logo for your Discord server with FreeLogoDesign’s logo maker. You will have access to all the logo templates (we have more than 2000!) and features to create your logo. We are sure you will find a logo template or icon that meets your needs. Your free Discord logo will be in a PNG format, 200 x 200 px. If you need high-resolution or vector files, please note that you can also purchase one of our premium plans or add-ons.

  • What colors should I choose for my Discord logo?

    What should your new Discord logo's colors be?Choosing the right colors for your Discord server logo can be challenging, especially since the size is small. Choosing the right logo type or color palette can make a big difference in the way people see your server because every color has a signification. You must then ensure that your logo stands out from the competition while remaining representative of your field and values. If you want to know more and make an informed choice, look at FreeLogoDesign’s page on the meaning of the colors.

  • Which logotype should I choose for my Discord logo?

    It is important to mention that Discord servers use many types of logos, but you need to keep in mind that the final result will be small. It all depends on what you want to promote. For example, if you have a Discord server name that uses your streamer name, choosing a wordmark or lettermark logo could be relevant. On the contrary, if you want to use an icon, you could use a badge or symbol logo. Please note that most video game-related logos are combination mark logos, a type of logo made up of the business name and an icon. You need to analyze what is best for your Discord logo.

  • Create a Discord logo: which type of font is the best?

    You must choose a font if you have decided to create a Discord logo with text. As with the color palette, the font can give your Discord server logo a unique look. Are you looking for something more traditional or high-end or something more accessible and modern? Test different fonts until you find the perfect one for your Discord logo.

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