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Every business should have a great-looking logo and strong brand image. It allows them to show who they are, convey a specific message, and display their professionalism. FreeLogoDesign has everything you need to create a logo for your business in only a few minutes!

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How to create a professional company logo?

How to create a professional company logo?

By following these few steps, you will be able to create a fantastic logo for your business.

How to create a professional company logo?

Take the time to analyze your business

To create a successful business logo, it needs to be unique and representative. Your business should then be your primary source of inspiration during the creation of your logo. That means you should start this creative process by listing the values of your business and the characteristics of the products or services you offer.

Define your target clientele

The second most important element to consider regarding your business logo is your target clientele. Your logo must catch the attention of specific people. Taking the time to define your target clientele will help you as their preferences could impact the design of your business logo.

Choose a type of logo

Every logo type can be used for a business logo. However, you must choose which elements of your logo you want to stand out the most. If the most important element is the name of your business, perhaps the wordmark logo is a good option. On the other hand, if you want an icon as the main element of your brand, an emblem logo is a great choice.

Choose a color palette and fonts

Since colors have meaning, choosing the right colors for your business logo is essential. They need to represent your company’s values. Did you know that blue is the most popular color for business logos? Then, choose fonts that go well with your type of business.

How to create a professional company logo?

Why choose FreeLogoDesign to create your business logo?

FreeLogoDesign is an easy-to-use logo maker. Millions of entrepreneurs just like you have tried our logo generator to create the brand image they needed.

Why choose FreeLogoDesign to create your business logo?

Simple to use

FreeLogoDesign's biggest strength is that it is user-friendly. Start by taking a look at our logo templates, choose one, and then customize it! After that, you will have a logo for your business. It only takes a few minutes.

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Hundreds of logo templates

On FreeLogoDesign, you have access to hundreds of logo templates created by our team of graphic designers. There are logo templates for every type of business. Whether for restaurants, insurance, finance, or technology, we have options for you.

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Create a free logo

Whatever your budget, note that you can create a free logo for your business with FreeLogoDesign. Then, if your needs evolve, we have different premium packages to support you.

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Appropriate add-ons

Start by creating your logo on our logo maker then choose the add-ons you need to create a brand image for your business. It is possible to create business cards and email signatures directly from your logo.

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Frequently asked questions about creating logos with FreeLogoDesign

What types of files will I receive if I create my business logo with FreeLogoDesign?

We have different options. If you decide to create a free logo, you will receive your logo in a PNG file. If you choose one of our premium plans, you will receive your logo in PNG, JPG, PDF, and vector SVG.

What add-ons are available on FreeLogoDesign?

We know that your brand image is an important part of your business. For this reason, we created different add-ons that will meet your needs: social media files, black and white versions of your logo, business card templates, email signature, and a brand guide.

Where can I find inspiration for my business logo?

You can take a look at our logo ideas page to discover the different logo templates that our team of graphic designers created. We have more than a thousand templates divided into thirty-six categories.

What are the current trends for business logos?

If we look at recent trends, you should aim to create a simple logo that can be used everywhere, whether on your website or business cards. Color gradients and geometric shapes are also trending for business logos.

Where should I use my business logo once it is created?

Everywhere! Once you have your logo, it is vital to display it everywhere so it can be quickly associated with your business. Think about using your business logo on social media, your website, business cards, official documents, and even packaging.

What are the elements of a business brand image?

Although the logo is the most distinctive element of the brand image of a business, there is more. Your brand image should include different versions of your business logo, a color palette, fonts, and brand guidelines.

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