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Free Logo Design wants to see your business flourish! Find inspiration in these templates to create a business logo that will meet your needs and expectations, then select a powerful font and add an icon that is appropriate for your activity sector. Easy, right? First and foremost, we want to see your business or consulting firm succeed and we believe a logo is a perfect place to begin.
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Business & Consulting Logo

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most used colors for business logos?

According to statistics, blue is the most used color for business logos. Indeed, it is a popular color that is associated with values like reliability and trust. We want to remind you that you can use whatever colors during the creation of your logo; it is not mandatory to use blue.

Which type of logo is best for startup businesses?

You can use any type of logo during the creation process of your new business logo; however, we recommend choosing a type of logo that includes your business name. It will then be easier to recognize your business and have a strong brand image.

Should I choose a serif or a sans serif font for my business logo?

Whether it is a wordmark or combination mark logo, it is essential to choose the right font for your logo since it needs to represent your brand. Regarding serif and sans serif fonts, what do you want to put forward? Most of the time, serif fonts are considered more serious or traditional. On the contrary, sans serif fonts are considered more modern and accessible. Do not be afraid to try many different fonts during the creation of your business logo.

Business & Consulting Logo

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