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Whichever industry you create a business logo for, it's helpful to start with a little inspiration to see what's already being done in terms of logo creation and style. Below, we selected several thousand existing logos from our most popular business sectors and sorted them into 36 categories. Our team of experienced graphic designers created these logo templates. Whether you're building a brand for a construction, catering, or technology company, your inspiration starts here.

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The FreeLogoDesign logo maker lets you design a logo for your business in just a few clicks - no design skills are required.

Our online logo generator makes creating a logo easy! You simply choose your industry and logo from thousands of templates to start creating your brand.

You can also easily customize your logo. You can modify the font, brand color, size, and text to get the final design exactly as you imagined – for free.

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Actually Free With FreeLogoDesign, it's free from start to finish. That means from design to downloading a logo in PNG file format 200x200 pixels!
Templates created by our team of graphic designers Almost 2000 templates are available to create your logo. So, you don't start from 0, and it will be easy to find the inspiration you need to create a great logo!
A simple process Our editor is super easy to use. You can add shapes, icons, texts, change fonts and colors, duplicate and move items, etc.!

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Frequently asked questions regarding logo ideas

How do I get ideas for a logo?

Your project should be your main source of inspiration regarding your logo. Therefore, we suggest you take the time to analyze your business, products, ideas, or values before designing your logo. Note down all qualities and characteristics, and then look at brands around you. Ask yourself what you like about these logos and how you can replicate this feeling on your own logo. Do not hesitate to check our logo ideas pages and resources like Pinterest!

How do I make my logo stand out?

To make a logo unique, focus on simplicity, originality, and relevance. Use distinctive colors, fonts, and imagery that reflect your brand's identity. Analyze your competitors, avoid clichés, and ensure it's memorable and versatile. Test it across various mediums and get feedback to refine its distinctiveness. Dare to be different!

How do you come up with logo ideas?

Having the blank page syndrome can be stressful if you are looking to create a logo. How do you come up with great logo ideas? First, you can read more about the current logo design trends. It can surely help you get fresh ideas. Second, work on your creativity. Listen to music you like and start drawing. You can also check our logo templates to help you start the creation process.

What should I keep in mind when designing my business logo?

Whether you are creating a professional logo for your real estate or bakery company, you should keep in mind to design something that represents your values well. How are you different from other businesses? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Remember that a good business logo is unique, simple, distinctive, flexible, and timeless.

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