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5 Reasons Why Your Logo Needs a Rebrand

5 Reasons Why Your Logo Needs a Rebrand

You know that your logo is the basis of your brand image. Your logo must be able to represent your company and its values at a glance. Is that still the case? Is your logo up to date or is it a dusty archaeological artifact? You may be tempted to redesign your brand and therefore your logo, but is it necessary? Here are 5 reasons why your logo needs an urgent rebrand!

 Your Logo Looks Like it's from the 80s or 90s

 You may own a well-respected business that has been around for decades but does your logo look like it is from the 80s or 90s? Can you imagine representing a company selling VHS? If so, it really is time to update your logo. Get rid of your fluorescent colors, metallic or leopard prints. A retro touch can add a playful look to your logo, but it needs to be used in moderation, and in accordance with your industry.

 Would you like an example? Just think of the old Logitech logo. Its 1996 update is a good example of a tech company of that era that used an abstract design. Fortunately, in 2015, the creation consisting of an eye and a strange green cell was transformed into something more modern and simplified.

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 Your Target Audience Has Changed

 Another good reason why you should think about redesigning your logo is because over time your target audience has changed. Maybe your customers have aged or perhaps you have decided to target other generations or types of customers. In short, you should always keep in mind who you are talking to when presenting your business. Men in their fifties will not have the same interests as men in their twenties. Adapt to your customers.

 McDonald’s, the restaurant chain, is a good example of a company that has adapted to its new customer base. You may recall that these restaurants used to appeal to children with playgrounds in their establishments. It was a very family-friendly approach. Now that the kids have grown up, Macdonald’s reinvented themselves by offering different types of coffee. If you want to keep your customers, you need to keep up with them, not the other way around.

Your Company Has Changed

 Maybe your customers haven’t changed, but your business has. Maybe you no longer sell the same products, or your values have changed over time. If your logo no longer represents you, it is time to think about creating something that can be your ambassador. You don't have to throw everything in the trash. On the contrary, don't hesitate to use your old logo as a base when redesigning. It's good that your business is evolving and adapting to new markets and environments.

 Did you know that before creating its streaming movie and series platform Netflix sold and rented DVDs that they sent by mail? Its first logo was a film reel. When they changed their activities to focus on the web, they changed their logo to the one we know today.

 You've Had the Same Logo for Years

 You may want to redesign your logo even if your values or customers haven’t changed. It's a bit like the colors you choose for your home, after a few years you want something else. In this case, take the time to do your redesign as there is no rush. Think about the logos you love and what characterizes your business. Make sure you always follow trends and remain both competitive and original in the face of competition.

 You can keep the same logo and use it in different ways through your marketing campaigns. You can reinvent your brand with good publicity. Just think of Nike which has been using the same logo for years and has been able to make an impact on people with their "Just do it" campaign.

 There Are too Many Details

 One of the current trends of logo design is simplification. Several recent redesigns have simplified existing logos for more minimalist and less detailed versions. There are many examples, think of logos like Starbucks or Mastercard. There are several reasons why simplifying is popular. One of which is that it's easier to use minimalist logos for the web or for printing. If your logo is adorned like a Christmas tree, why not rework a cleaner version of it? It will look more modern.

 Canadian company Cirque du Soleil redesigned their logo in 2017. The original logo consisted of a playful-faced sun with rays and multiple small details causing many headaches for the commercial printers. The company opted for a simplified logo to facilitate its transition to the modern era.


In conclusion, there are probably other reasons why your logo may need a redesign. It is a normal process in the life of a company or product. You just need to take the time to understand why your logo no longer represents you and work on what will better reflect your reality. Unfortunately, not all logo redesigns go well. If you would like to read about what you should not do, we suggest you read our article on 3 Logo Redesign Stories that Went Wrong.

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