Why You Should Use a Triangle When Creating Your Logo

Why You Should Use a Triangle When Creating Your Logo

There are several things to think about when creating a logo: the type of logo, colors, layout of the components, fonts... As each visual component has a very particular meaning, it is important to choose relevant components. Did you know that shapes have meaning? Do you know what values and qualities are associated with triangles? Let's take a closer look at the meaning of this shape and the best examples of triangles in logos.

Choose a relevant shape when creating your logo

Before we start analyzing triangles and triangular logos, let's take a moment to see the importance of choosing a relevant shape when creating your logo. Current trends in logo design are clear; you need to create something simple, even minimalist, while sending the right message. It should not be forgotten that one of the most important criteria of a good logo is that it be representative. Since shapes have meaning, choosing a relevant shape can help show your values or give a particular style.

Shapes have a real impact on the look of your logo. Therefore, take a moment to find the shape that best suits your needs. Would Microsoft's logo have the same effect if it were triangles instead of squares? What if Audi had chosen diamonds instead of circles for their logo? Don't underestimate the power of shapes.


What is the meaning of a triangle

Now let's move on to triangles. Chances are you think of the famous pyramids of Egypt or mountains when we think of this shape. Did you know that triangles have many different types of meaning, in addition to a mysterious side?

According to our article on the symbolism of geometric shapes, triangles have several connotations related to religion, power and energy, and the number three because of its three sides. This shape also represents balance, especially when it comes to an equilateral triangle – all sides are equal. As well, depending on the position of the triangle, it can illustrate greatness and ambition, withdrawal, and even movement.


Some tips for using a triangle on your logo

If the triangle seems like the perfect shape for your logo, here are some tips. We should note that a triangle is a bit more complicated to use than a circle. First, remember that you can vary the way you use it. The meaning varies whether the side is pointing up, sideways or down. Also, you do not have to use a triangle that has three equal sides. There are many types of triangles, including isosceles triangles or right triangles. Do different tests as needed.

As well, if your company name starts with an A, it might be worth using a triangle to represent that letter in your logo. Many companies like Adobe have done this when they create their logo.


Five successful examples of logos using a triangle

As we like to show different examples to illustrate our point and give you some ideas, here are five examples of interesting logos that use a triangle as the main geometric shape. Triangular logos are used in different fields, whether for companies, clothing brands or even sports teams.

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Logo

If you go to Canada, you may be lucky enough to walk past a Canadian Tire store. Although the tires are circular in shape, this company chose to use a red triangle for their logo. The triangular shape has been used for their various logos for almost 100 years. In addition to that, to distinguish themselves, they added a green maple leaf to proudly show off their Canadian roots.



Delta Airlines Logo

Let us now move on to the field of aviation with the American company Delta Air Lines. A triangle is used for the symbol part of this combination logo. Just because you choose a triangle doesn't mean it has to be boring. For this logo, the triangle of Delta Air Lines has a 3D effect and is composed of two triangles forming a single shape.



Reebok Delta Logo

Among the companies that have done several redesigns of their logo in recent years, Reebok is one of them. Initially, it was the flag of the United Kingdom that served as the symbol for the logo. Then, in 2014, as a symbol, the British company opted for the delta, a triangular shape. It represented transformation, movement, energy, and change.

Learn more about the history of the Reebok logo.



Guess triangle Logo

Another logo with a well-known triangle is that of the American brand Guess. To stand out, the founders chose this shape and orientation. Here, the triangle is inverted, and the outline is red. Since it is a badge-type logo, the company name, a question mark and address of Guess's first premises are in the shape.


Pittsburgh Penguins 

Pittsburgh Penguins Logo

The triangle is also on several sports team logos. A good example of this is the logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team. In addition to the presence of a penguin, a yellow triangle was used on all redesigns. What for? The reason is simple: this shape represents a neighborhood in downtown Pittsburgh, named the Golden Triangle.


In conclusion, it does not matter if you want to create a badge or combined logo, you can use a triangle. Since this shape is associated with balance and power, you may want to use it when creating your logo. It also seems that triangles are used less than circles and squares. So, what are you waiting for to stand out? If this is your first logo, don't hesitate to take a look at our experts' advice. Enjoy creating!


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