The Logo Type: Combination Mark Logo

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Do you know the different types of logos? Do you know what kind of logo you should use for your business? Let's take a closer look at what a combination mark logo is, but most importantly how to make it work!

What is a combination mark logo?

A combination mark logo is the combination of an emblem logo and a wordmark logo: it includes both the company name and a symbol. This is one of the most used types of logos by companies because it is complete and can help you create a strong brand image, especially if your business is not yet well established. This type of logo also offers a lot of flexibility as you can use different parts of the logo, depending on the need.

When to use a combination mark logo?

  • You have a new business and want to promote it.
  • You need a flexible logo.
  • You want to use multiple elements to create a strong visual identity.
Combination mark logos are used by all kinds of companies, small and multinational. This is the basic logo. Therefore, if you want to create a logo for your new business, we advise you to try the combination mark logo. This will make the icon stand out, while the presence of your company's name will make it easier for people to remember you.

Some tips to successfully create a combination mark logo

Do you want to create a combination mark logo with FreeLogoDesign? Here are some tips to get there:
  • Choose an icon and font that represent your business well but work well together too.
  • Try various layouts – icon on the right, left, center, top, bottom.
  • The size of the icon and text should be well balanced.
  • Create something simple since there will already be a few elements on your logo to coordinate.

Some examples of combination mark logos

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