The meaning of shapes

The meaning of shapes

After reading our article on the meaning of colors, you know exactly which color to use to represent the values of your business. On the other hand, you may need to learn that shapes also have a lot of influence in expressing your corporate values. Here is a short guide to help you understand the meaning of specific shapes before you start creating your logo.

If you're not interested in design or do not need to create a logo soon, chances are you don't know what they mean. It should be noted that forms have distinct meanings, which may, however, change depending on the context and values of your company. Let's get straight to the heart of the matter, starting with the meaning of the lines, and then we will see those of the shapes like the square, the circle, the triangle, etc.


The different meanings of lines in the design

Horizontal lines

There are many logos with horizontal lines, but what exactly do they represent? A straight line, in general, represents determination and simplicity.  What's more straightforward than a straight line, after all? A straight horizontal line inspires calm and serenity in general. On the other hand, in some cases, they can represent movement and speed. It all depends on the context.

The cave Bistro Pub logo

Vertical lines

Vertical lines represent a particular notion of growth, going higher, and always improving. If you own a consulting business, school, or a company which inspires people’s growth, vertical lines can be a good symbol for your logo. An excellent example of this is the Adidas logo, whose vertical lines represent a mountain, a challenge to be met.

food drinks logo

Curved lines

After straight lines, let's talk about curved lines. Curved lines can have both positive and negative connotations. You then have to be careful how you use them. The curved lines inspire femininity and fullness, but also softness and laxity.

digital marketing logo

Diagonal lines

Finally, let's talk about diagonal lines. They can inspire movement with their inclination in one direction or the other. And yes, the diagonal lines reflect a certain dynamism or a progression toward a goal.

house renovations logo


The different meanings of shapes in design

Let's now see what the meaning of the different shapes is. We will decipher the most used shapes when creating logos.

The meaning of the circle

Circles give an impression of infinity and completeness. They represent community or unity. Sometimes the circle can look like a badge, so it has a more traditional and authentic look. Curves represent femininity and often have a more friendly appearance than squares or rectangles. Finally, since circles have no starting or ending points, they are used to describe movement. 

cocktail drinks logo

The meaning of the semicircle

The semicircle, on the other hand, has a rather special meaning. It is a bit like the hidden part of the iceberg. It represents both the visible and the invisible, the perfect and the imperfect.

cocktails drinks logo

The signification of the square

The square shape is the most used shape for logo creation. They inspire security and order. They also tend to represent compliance, equality, and structure in a company, but also an air of solidity and stability. Unlike circles, square shapes usually seem more serious, marking a lack of creativity. 

technology logo

The meaning of the rectangle

The rectangular shape has almost the same characteristics as the square. When the rectangle is horizontal, it brings a panning effect and sometimes depth, depending on your typography. Your logo will have a more static impact, getting a peaceful feeling.

Regarding the meaning of a rectangle vertically, it has almost the same meaning as the vertical straight line. It brings a sense of greatness, dynamism, and power.

Kitchen logo

The signification of the triangle

Because of its vital religious significance, the triangle gives any composition a look of power and energy. Triangles also represent balance because of their three sides. Then finally, as the two sides converge towards the center, the triangle can signify the movement towards the side that the triangle points. Moreover, if the top of the triangle is upwards, then the triangle represents masculinity and power. Conversely, the top of the triangle downward represents femininity and fertility.

camping nature logo

The meaning of the lozenge

The shape of the lozenge inspires a notion of sharing and exchange. It can be used with rounded or pointed edges. In general, for a logo with a more feminine sound, rounded edges are to be expected, and on the contrary, for a more masculine logo, pointed edges are preferable.

Communication service logo

The meaning of the polygon

Thanks to its many sides, the polygon symbolizes plurality and complexity. It is a form that is reasonably used in construction or science. The polygon, like the square, has a fairly straight and severe side. So, using it as a creative logo would not necessarily represent it well. 

music platform logo

The meaning of the diamond

Finally, let's talk about the diamond symbol. This shape is often used to represent jewelry. Indeed, it is often associated with immortality because it persists over time, just like jewels, if they are well made. In other areas, diamonds represent incorruptibility.

Diamond jewellery logo


You now know the different meanings of the lines and the shapes you can use to create your logo. We do not recommend using multiple of these shapes in the same logo. It would then become too loaded and messy. You also can use something other than shapes to create your logo. You could create a wordmark logo: a logo where only your company’s name would be present.


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