6 Characteristics of a Good Logo Design

6 Characteristics of a Good Logo Design

What makes a logo great? Is it using design element balance or brand personality? Is it to pay attention to detail or opt for complex designs? With FreeLogoDesign, creating your own logo is very easy (and free), but to make sure you succeed in that creation, here are 6 criteria that a good logo should have. Follow these tips to create your custom logo design that will define your brand image!

How to design a great business logo?

Is it possible to create a logo from scratch using a logo maker?

If you are starting a business, you might be looking for a good logo design. You can decide to work with an agency or experienced designers; however, if you do not have a significant budget or need something quickly, you might decide to create a logo design yourself using a logo maker. So, how can you create a simple logo that meets your company's needs?

1. Think about your business and market

Whether you have the soul of a designer or not, if you want to create a good logo design for your company, you need to analyze it. What about your values and potential customers? Who are your competitors? You might need to do some research before starting the design process.

2. Find branding elements: type of logo, color palette, and font

Once you have an idea of the target audience and values you want to promote, it is time to find the components of your brand personality. A visual identity includes several elements like the logo, color palette, font, and general style. For example, do you wish to use serif or sans-serif fonts? All these components can help you create the perfect logo design for your company.

Also, you must decide which type of logo you want to use. Most new businesses choose to create a combined logo that comprises the company name and an icon. This logotype is one of the most flexible and popular right now,

3. Start creating your custom logo design

When you have all the elements in hand, you can start the design process. Try different versions and variations, but remember that the final result must be a versatile logo. Indeed, you should be able to use your unique design everywhere, whether on marketing material, email signatures, business cards, or company websites.


What are the 6 elements of a good logo?

What makes a good and successful logo design?

Is it possible to create a great logo design even if you are not a designer? We believe that if you follow the main design principles, you can manage to create something nice! To help you, here are the six main characteristics of a good logo.

1. Memorable / Recognizable

Your logo identifies you and your business, so naturally, it must be easily recognizable if you want your users to remember you. The message you want to pass should be clear and the represented elements, distinct, if you wish to have the greatest impact possible. It must also embody the values of the company. Therefore, it is critical not to copy an existing logo. Use the values and strengths of your business and products to inspire yourself during the creation process.

2. Flexible

A logo design must be able to fit and be legible on all supports. Whether on the web or in print, on a white or dark background, very small on a business card, or very large on a billboard, your logo and design elements should look the same everywhere. Also, make sure you have a vector version of your logo (rest assured! FreeLogoDesign provides you with a vector version in the high-resolution package). Vector files allow you to use your logo, whatever the size, without losing any quality. In other words, your logo will not become blurry. Versatility is essential nowadays.


FreeLogoDesign Logo Example

3. Colorful

Your logo must be as effective in black and white as in color, since it could be used on all surfaces! If you don’t know in which context it will be used, make sure it looks as good in black or white as it does in color. A good way to ensure this is to first create your logo in black and white, and then proceed to add one or two significant colors. Did you know that colors have meaning? Indeed, it would be important to choose a color that fits your company's values. Also, we strongly suggest you do not use more than three different colors on your logo. It is a basic design principle that will help you have a balanced result.

4. Simple

Keep it simple! The best logos are simple! Don’t do too much with effects, not readable fonts, or weird icons: focus on the basics and opt for simple shapes, it will simplify the task. In addition, creating an uncomplicated logo ensures that it will be understandable in whichever format is it read on. Remember, you need to make people remember your business, therefore, your logo. It is also important to mention that one of today's most important logo trends is simplicity and minimalism. Over the last few years, many businesses decided to simplify their logos.

Restaurant Logo Example FreeLogoDesign

5. Timeless

Defining branding is a big step in the design process of creating a business. Even if you create your logo for free with FreeLogoDesign, it can be expensive if you want to brand it, put it on promotional objects or create a website. Therefore, you don’t want to have to create a new logo every year. As much as it is important to follow the trends, you want to have a  modern logo that ages well and that will look good through the years. One way to do it is to base your logo on your business's core values and brand personality. It should not change often.

6. Distinctive

Despite everything, your logo should be unique: have fun and customize your logo as much as you want until you think it is perfect! Make sure it is easily distinguishable from competitors' logos. This will ensure you stand out from the competition and have a unique brand image. Here is a tip: do not start the logo creation process by playing with our logo maker. You should take the time to analyze your business, market, and target clientele. It should help you create the best professional logo for your business, according to its strengths and weaknesses.


Where can you find good logo ideas and examples?

Several software and websites can help you create the perfect company logo

Are you looking for the best logo ideas? As we mentioned, you might need to do some research to find all the components and inspiration to create the right logo for your company.  First thing, you can look at your competitors to analyze their logos, but you must not copy them. Instead, try to understand why these symbols represent these companies well. It is a great way to ensure having something unique and representative.

Then, look at the work of other designers and professionals on websites like Pinterest. This website has infinite content regarding design. You only have to research logo design trends or examples to find ideas for your logo. Remember to gather all interesting ideas on various boards, whether it is regarding shapes, colors, or typography. 

Finally, you can find good logo ideas on FreeLogoDesign. Indeed, our team of graphic designers created hundreds of available logo templates, whether you want a simple or complex logo. Our logo templates respect the basic design principles and are separated into common themes like restaurants, businesses, and sports teams. Feel free to take a look, we surely have the perfect logo template for your company. Once you find a logo template you like, start designing it using our flexible drag-and-drop editor. Keep in mind to ensure the final result respects all the criteria of a good logo!

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