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How to Create a Logo for Your Team

Manchester United, New York Yankees and Team Liquid: whether it's e-sports or conventional sports, sports teams need to have a strong brand image to send the right message to their fans. In addition to giving you credibility as an organization, it also gives you notoriety because your logo helps create your community. But where do you start when creating a logo for your team?

Look for Inspiration

 To start, you need to find the perfect name for your team. Use something that represents your attributes, team values or home region as it is the foundation of your identity. It can be an animal, an attribute or even a mythological creature. Just look at the professional teams of the Overwatch League–the Shanghai Dragons, the Vancouver Titans, and the London Spitfires. You can definitely get inspiration from what makes your team or city unique. Make sure to choose a name that is short, simple, timeless, memorable and meaningful.

 After you have chosen your team name, it is time to work on your brand. First, what colors do you want to use for your logo? Again, you can get inspiration from your city’s or country’s flag if it is something important to you. Colors have meaning and can help you project a specific message. Red represents courage, aggression, and passion. The color orange is associated with entertainment, energy, and youth. Yellow is often linked to joy and power. Green also represents nature, hope, and health. Blue, on the other hand, is associated with the sky and the sea, but also with knowledge and trust. Finally, purple is the color of royalty, luxury, and mysteries. In short, you should not take choosing a color for your logo lightly! Try to choose a maximum of three colors, one of which is more neutral like white or black. Have you also noticed that many sports teams use complementary colors? Colour combos like red-green, yellow-purple, and blue-orange attract attention.

 As well, have you thought about the shapes you want to use for your team logo? Shapes can also help you represent various values. For example, circles mean community and unity; squares represent equality and stability, and triangles symbolize balance and power. Have you considered using the shape of a shield for your sports team logo? Coat of arms logos are used to project a stamp of excellence and historical past. European football teams frequently use this shape for their logos, including FC Barcelona and Arsenal Football Club of London. If we go back to our Overwatch League teams, the logo of the London Spitfire and the Boston Uprising are shields.

 Some Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Logo

 As mentioned above, it is important not to choose too many colors when creating your logo, as this can complicate printing and increase the margin of error, not to mention increase the cost of printing on clothing. That's the reason Slack gave when they redesigned their logo from 11 colors to 4! You should also make sure your logo can be used in black and white. If you put text with your team logo, it is also important not to use more than two different fonts in order to maintain consistency. In addition, you should choose a font that is easy to read and not the other way around. Sans-serif fonts are easier to read most of the time, like Helvetica, Bungee, and Fjalla.

 It is also important to keep in mind the values you want to convey when creating your team logo. Your message needs to be understood at a glance. For example, if you want to show that you value teamwork, don't use a logo that has aggressive colors. Don't hesitate to ask for feedback from your team members or friends. Think about how you want people to feel when they see your logo for the first time.

 Finally, while it may be tempting to do so, try not to copy the logo of an existing team. It can certainly inspire you but don't reproduce it. Each team logo, like its players, should be unique and represent you. Also, be careful not to have spelling errors in your name as this could greatly damage your credibility.

Create Your Logo with FreeLogoDesign

Use FreeLogoDesign to create your sports team's logo. Go to our editor, enter the name of your team, then select a category related to your theme. You can even choose the Sports category to get inspiration from logos already created by our team. Add your name, then change the icons, colors, and font! In short, your creativity is your only limit! When you are satisfied with the result, click Save at the top right and voila! You now have the perfect logo for your team! 

In conclusion, when creating your logo keep in mind that it will need to represent the players and values of your team. Start by finding your team name, then choose the colors and shapes that will make up your logo. Avoid a logo that already exists and make sure your original message remains clear. Once your logo is finished, all you have to do is go back to what you love doing the most!

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