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There is no need to teach you how to create a beautiful logo: with FreeLogoDesign, it’s so easy! Create and personalize a logo for your school or educative business in three easy steps: choose a template amongst our extensive selection, edit it until you are 100% satisfied, and use it online or on promotional items. You can even try adding an icon, like a ruler or an apple! Lessons learned!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the right icon for my school logo?

On FreeLogoDesign logo maker, you have access to thousands of icons ready to answer your needs. There are many related to schools and education. During the creation of your logo, click on Add an icon to search icons and look at our suggestions. Make different versions until you find the right icon for your education logo.

Should I use a serif or a sans serif font for my education-related logo?

It depends on the style you want your logo to have. A serif font is often associated with tradition and sophistication. The serifs are there to ease the readability of printed documents like books. On the contrary, sans serif fonts are considered more modern or accessible. They are also used mainly on the web. Your font choice should depend on the values of your school.

Should I use a badge type of logo for my school logo?

Schools, especially prestigious universities, often use the badge or coat of arms type of logo. This type of logo also allows you to add many different elements. During the creation of your logo, you are free to use any type of logo. As mentioned above, it depends on the style you want your logo to have. If you want to focus on the seriousness or prestige of your school, you should indeed consider the badge or coat of arms type of logo.

Education Logo

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