Inspiration to Create a Purple Logo

Inspiration to Create a Purple Logo

When creating your brand image, you will have to choose the colors that will represent you. So, why not take the opportunity to use purple when creating your logo? Although it is a color not often used for company logos and brands, it is a cool color with often underestimated potential. If you are looking for inspiration to create your logo, here are some tips for using purple, its meaning, and our choices for the most beautiful logos using this shade.

Why use purple or violet for your logo?

What does the color purple mean in logo design? Is it a feminine color?

Since blue and red are already widely used colors for company logos, if you want to stand out, you may need to find other shades. So, why not use purple? As written on our page on the meaning of colors, purple is a cool color that is associated with several elements like royalty, spirituality, femininity, a sense of mystery, and luxury. It is therefore an ideal color choice to use if you want to create a logo for a luxury product or for a mostly female target audience. It can also be a good alternative if you do not want to use the pink color for your brand image.

Did you know that for a very long time, purple was a color reserved for the elite? It was very difficult to create, its dye was worth a real fortune. Only kings, emperors, and popes could afford to wear purple until the 19th century. So that's why this color is still associated with wealth and power. As well, because it was very expensive to create, there were very few flags using purple. We found two examples: the flag of the 2nd Spanish Republic and the flag of the Tokyo metropolitan area. In short, purple is most certainly an underused color! 

Some tips for using purple when creating your logo

Color theory and cool combination ideas

So, how do you use purple when designing your logo? It all depends on the message you want. First, if you want to bet on the calming aspect of cold colors, you could use purple with blue or white. On the contrary, if you want something more dynamic, you could opt for yellow to put emphasize the power and royalty side of these shades. Yellow is also the complementary color of purple. The combination of these two colors creates a lot of contrast.

The purple color can also be considered modern and represents a commitment to innovation. In the past few years, Pantone chose a purple hue for its color of the year. Indeed, Very Peri, a neutral and mysterious purple, was 2022's color of the year. On the other hand, Ultra Violet, a dynamic hue, was chosen for 2018.

Often, a touch of purple can give your logo a more refined look. As well, there are different shades, some more pastel and others darker. There is most certainly a purple that will meet your needs. Designers should dare use more purple in logo design.

The most effective purple logos in our opinion

What famous brands have a purple logo? What companies wear purple?

It is difficult to choose the most beautiful purple logo designs, however, there are several that have had a strong brand image over the years. Let's see what these famous logos have and how they have been able to use purple within their brand. These are some of the best purple logos, and they can surely inspire you to create your brand and reach your goals.


Twitch logo

What can be done to stand out from other existing video and social media platforms? With LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter using blue and YouTube and Pinterest choosing red for their brand logos, Twitch decided to stand out by opting for purple when creating their logo. The Twitch logo is simple, modern, and perfect for the web. It is a combination mark logo, the icon of which can be used alone when needed. We should note that purple is not only used on Twitch's logo, but also on their website, social media, and brand promotional products.


Yahoo! purple logo

It is true that Yahoo! is a search engine less and less used, however it remains a website that has made its mark on history. Regarding its brand image, Yahoo! has had several logos during its existence, some of which, especially the most recent versions, were purple. In this regard, the use of purple was basically a mistake. Initially the founders and designers of Yahoo! wanted to paint their office space gray, however, the whole thing turned purple. This is how purple became the main color of Yahoo!'s brand image.


Cadbury purple logo

Until recently, the logo of Cadbury, a company specializing in confectionery, was purple. Although it is now a golden hue that is used, purple remains an important color for the brand. Its Dairy Milk bar still has purple packaging and has since 1905! Purple can very well also be used in the food industry brands.

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Football Purple Logo

In our article on Creating a Yellow Logo, we used the Los Angeles Lakers logo as an example. This time, we're going to talk about another sports logo that uses a yellow and purple jersey: the Minnesota Vikings football team. On their logo, there has been a touch of purple since 1966, however, their uniform is mostly this color. It's perfect to stand out from other teams, many of which use a combination of red, blue and white. Only the Baltimore Ravens use a similar color palette.

Deep Purple

File:Deep-Purple-logo.png - Wikipedia

The entertainment industry is a field where brands matter the most. Consequently, it is not a surprise to see that the British rock group Deep Purple uses the purple color for some of their logo versions and brand elements. The group's name comes from an old song called ''Deep Purple''.  It is possible to find versions of their logo in black and others in purple. 

In conclusion, we hope we have managed to give you reasons to encourage you to try purple logo design. As we have seen before, it is a color not often used and underestimated, whether for the logos of companies or sports teams. If you want to know more, check out our article on the history of purple. Happy creating!


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