Inspiration to Create a Yellow Logo

Inspiration to Create a Yellow Logo

When creating your brand image, you have to choose colors that will represent you. If you're looking for inspiration to create your logo, why not try yellow? Do you think it is suitable? If the answer is yes, here are some tips on how to use yellow, its meaning, and our choices for the most effective yellow logos.

Why use yellow for your logo?

To start, yellow is used less than blue or red for logos. It is, however, one of the three primary colors and the fact that it is a warm color can help you attract attention. So, would you like to use yellow for your logo? Before you start creating, do you know what yellow represents exactly? As colors have meaning, it is important to educate yourself so that you can properly highlight your company's important values.

If you look at the page of our website that discusses the meaning of yellow, you will read that this color is associated with joy, optimism and wealth. Yellow can represent the sun, abundance, and light just as much as silver. This is probably why companies are more often opting for more golden shades when they want to use yellow for their logo. It is also important to note that yellow is often used by companies working in the food sector.

Small addition: Did you know that yellow is one of the colors of 2021 according to Pantone? This illuminating shade was chosen along with the Ultimate Gray to illustrate hope, but also the importance of having a solid foundation.


Some tips when using yellow to create your logo

So how do you use yellow when creating your logo? What colors can you use yellow with? First, you should know that yellow is often used with white, black, red, blue, and purple. In short, you can use yellow with any color; it all depends on the style you want to have. For example, if you want your logo to attract attention, you could use black to accentuate some important details of your logo or use purple which is its complementary color.

By the way, remember that there are many shades of yellow. There are golden hues, while others can be a little brown or orange. For example, there is canary yellow, mustard yellow and golden button yellow.


The most effective yellow logos in our opinion

There are many companies that have chosen yellow for their logo. Let's see which ones we find the most successful.


Let's start our list of successful logos with McDonald's. This American fast-food company is recognized all over the world thanks to its logo of two golden arches. The McDonald's logo is used everywhere: restaurant windows, mobile app and all packaging. This has undoubtedly helped them have a strong brand image.

McDonald's Logo

As we mentioned above, yellow is widely used in the food sector. It is not uncommon to see the combination used by McDonald's, yellow and red, in their restaurant or on their food products.



Now let's move on to the Swedish furniture giant: IKEA. First, do you know why IKEA chose yellow and blue for their logo? These are the official colors of Sweden. In this case, this country chose yellow, because it represents wealth and generosity, although the use of this color dates back to medieval kings.

Ikea logo

In short, the IKEA logo reminds us that we can always be inspired by our region of origin when creating our brand image. Also, did you know that the logo of this Swedish company has not always been yellow and blue? A combination of white and red was used for a long time. 


National Geographics

The National Geographics logo is a great example of using yellow with black and white. The logo can be modified according to the background with the yellow rectangle remaining present. But what exactly does this yellow rectangle represent?



If you've ever had a National Geographics magazine in your hands, you may have noticed that the outline was yellow. This simple element allows this company to stand out and have a strong brand image.


Los Angeles Lakers

There are many sports teams that use yellow for their logo. Among these is the American basketball team the Los Angeles Lakers. As we mentioned earlier, yellow can be used very well with purple, its complementary color. In addition, the use of two colors associated with power and wealth can send a clear message, in addition to creating an interesting contrast that will not go unnoticed. 

Los Angeles Lakers Logo

Here, yellow is used to represent a basketball, but also the sun. As the team has been very successful in recent years, we can also associate success. It should be noted that initially, Los Angeles Lakers colors were blue and white.


In conclusion, why not use yellow for your logo? It is rich in meaning that goes with several other hues. If you're not sure yet, why not look at our article on orange logos? Here's our final tip: don't hesitate to experiment and let your imagination run wild when creating your logo!


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