Create a Logo: Everything You Need to Know About Cool Colors

Create a Logo: Everything You Need to Know About Cool Colors

When designing your logo, you'll have several choices to make. For example, you'll need to think about the type of logo you want to create and what kind of font works best with what you have in mind. What about the colors? Have you thought about using a cool color palette? Let us walk you through everything you need to know about cool colors if you're in the process of creating a logo.

What is a cool color?

Before we begin, do you know what a cool color is exactly? Despite what you might think, it's not a color that's cold to the touch. This is a type of color with little warmth visually. It is more associated with darkness than light. Specifically, according to established graphic standards, green, blue, and purple are considered cool colors.

So, are white and black considered warm colors or cool colors? This is a bit more complicated. Like gray, black and white are considered more neutral colors. However, shades of white or black may appear warmer or cooler. For this article, we're mainly going to focus on green, blue, and purple.


What are the benefits of using cool colors in my logo?

We've already covered the benefits of warm colors in another article. Therefore, what about cool colors? Why should you choose these colors when creating your logo?


They are soothing

One of the great benefits of cool colors is the fact that they are soothing. Unlike warm colors that are full of energy and attention-grabbing, cool colors are calmer, meditative and bring serenity. That's why many spas opt for a cool color palette for their branding.


They are loved

In addition, cool colors are more liked than warm colors in general. Specifically, blue is the most liked color by both men and women. Cool colors are also associated with many natural components that are very present in our lives, whether it is the sky, the sea or plants.


They are used a lot for logos

Have you ever noticed that blue is used a lot for business logos? This is the most used color for logos in general. What for? This has to do with the meaning of blue, it is a color associated with confidence and knowledge. Since this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, why not choose green or purple for your logo to stand out?


They are accessible

Finally, cool colors are perhaps a little more accessible than warm colors. First, blue is a hue that can be easily seen by colorblind people. Next, blue is associated with jeans that have been democratized over the last century. Finally, as we saw before, cool colors can be found all around us.


A few tips for using a cool color effectively

If you're now convinced that cool colors are relevant, let us give you some tips on how to use them effectively when creating your logo.

Whether you want to use green, blue, or violet, you first need to ask yourself what effect you want your logo to have. Are you aiming for something soothing, confidence-inspiring, very modern? This will affect your logo and your choices.

Then, as mentioned, blue is already widely used for logos, so why not choose green or purple? You can use green as your main color even if you don't work in a field related to nature. Green and purple are two colors that are increasingly used in the tech field.

And if you absolutely want to use blue, why not use it with an unpopular secondary color like purple, orange, gray or brown for a change? The combination of blue and white is already widely used. 


Four Examples of Brand Logos Using Cool Colors

Still not completely convinced? We've found four examples of brands using cool colors for their logos. It can definitely inspire you when creating your own.


File:Ford logo flat.svg - Wikipedia

For nearly 100 years, Ford has used blue as the main color of their logo. Given the significance of this color, this makes a lot of sense, because Henry Ford wanted everyone to have access to an automobile. Blue is a relevant color, as it is the color of accessibility and reliability.



PayPal Logo Center | Logos and Banners | PayPal CA

Color gradients have been one of the most important logo trends in recent years. A very nice example of a redesign using a cool color gradient is PayPal. The company's color palette includes three different blues, ranging from a lighter to a darker.



Momenteo, votre comptabilité simplifiée

Momenteo is an invoicing software partner of FreeLogoDesign. This company chose a soft purple as the main color of their brand. This works well because this shade is considered modern. By the way, this color resembles Very Peri, the Pantone color of 2022. Purple can most certainly be a trendy color.


Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks Wordmark Logo - National Football League (NFL) - Chris  Creamer's Sports Logos Page - SportsLogos.Net

There aren't many companies or sports teams that use multiple cool colors, but we found the Seattle Seahawks U.S. team. Depending on the year, there are different types of blue and green. The color palette is also relevant as Seattle is a city located near the sea.


In conclusion, warm colors or cool colors? Whatever you choose, remember that the main color in your palette should represent your values and message. This can be an effective ambassador, especially if you want to create a minimalist logo.


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