Creating a Logo: 5 Trends to Follow in 2023

Creating a Logo: 5 Trends to Follow in 2023

2023 has just arrived, and do you have any ideas that are inspired by the new trends for logos? Every year, the FreeLogoDesign team is on the lookout for trends in everything related to logo creation and branding. These trends could very well give you some ideas if you don't know where to start. Here are 5 trends to follow if you want to create a logo in 2023.

A reminder of the 2022 trends

Before introducing you to the new trends, let's take a moment to review what was fashionable in 2022. Several trends from last year are still relevant, we have not lost continuity. Again, let us remind you that just because a type or style of logo is trendy doesn't mean you absolutely have to use it for your logo. Remember that above all your logo is the ambassador of your company and products. Fashion will most likely change faster than your values.

So what were the 2022 trends for logos? Gradients with a 3D effect, an original layout of letters, the use of geometric shapes and versatility were important trends. Now let's see what has caught our attention for 2023.


5 trends to watch out for in 2023 for logo design

It is a good idea to take a look at these trends for the following reasons: you want to redesign your logo because it is no longer relevant or you are looking for ideas for the emblem of your new business. 

Soft gradients

Gradients have been fashionable in logo creation for several years. The Instagram rebrand in 2016 was one of the triggers of this trend. Nearly 7 years later, it's worth mentioning that not all types of gradients are to be used.

Sof gradients freelogodesign logo

For this year, we advise opting for a gradient of soft colors or colors that follow each other on the color wheel. Avoid colors that are vibrant for something nuanced. For example, cold colors have a calming effect. Current issues and problems in the world may be causing people to seek some form of comfort.


Logos composed of only lines

One trend we are seeing more and more is the use of simple lines to form the emblem part of the logo. Often, just the silhouette is illustrated from lines. It's also a way to make sure you have a simple and minimalist logo.

Lines logo from FreeLogoDesign

Note that sans serif fonts composed of thin lines are also fashionable. We are quite far from the very rounded letters of the 2000s. If you use FreeLogoDesign’s logo maker, then you can use fonts such as Italiana, Tulpen One, Gruppo, Ubuntu and Muli.


An art deco look

In recent years there has been a major presence of the look of the 80s and 90s. This is another artistic movement that seems to want to take up more space in 2023. The Art Deco style is directly from the 20s and is one of the important trends for logos this year. In addition to bringing a touch that is both retro and distinguished, the Art Deco style often comes with the use of geometric shapes like circles, diamonds and squares.

Art deco look logo from FreeLogoDesign

If you're looking for an art deco font, consider choosing one that is both simple and decorative. If you use FreeLogoDesign to create your logo, you could try fonts like Italiana, Amaranthe, Vast Shadow, Monoton, or Milonga.


The use of negative space

In art, negative space is the background around different objects. For a while, creators have used negative space to leave hidden messages in their logo, much like an optical illusion. A good example of this is the famous Fedex logo. Have you ever noticed the arrow hidden between the letters E and X? Or the bear hidden in the Toblerone logo? 

Negative space logo from FreeLogoDesign

In this example, negative space is used to create the zebra's stripes. It is also possible to hide parts of an icon with letters. In short, play with the different icons, then remember to make strategic use of the background color.


Minimalism and simplicity

Again this year, be sure to create a logo that is both simple and minimalist. This is still one of the most important design trends, whether for logos or the creation of a website. But how to create a simple logo? To start, consider using two or three colors at most. Then, don't add too many different visual components. Finally, choose a font that represents your values well while not being too eccentric.

minimalist logo from FreeLogoDesign

One of the great advantages of a simple logo is the fact that it is flexible. That way, it is easier to use your logo on different media: business cards, a website or promotional items. Several large companies have also decided to simplify their brand image during redesigns in recent years.


In conclusion, no matter what you have in mind, you can most certainly be inspired by one of the 2023 trends mentioned above. No matter the type of logo, don't forget to create a simple logo that can be used anywhere. After that, you can try different color gradients or play with negative space to create a perfect logo for your business. We wish you a happy 2023 filled with success! 


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