Designing a Logo in 2024 - 5 Trends to Follow

Designing a Logo in 2024 - 5 Trends to Follow

Every year, new popular trends emerge in logo design. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why many visual identities and branding of businesses are so similar. If you're looking to create a logo with a lasting impression in 2024, what are the main trends you need to be aware of? The FreeLogoDesign team has put together a summary of what's likely to stand out over the next few months.

A summary of the best logo design trends of 2023

Before we get started, let's take one last look at the logo design trends for 2023. Just because it's a new year doesn't mean the trends of the past few months have to be thrown out. In fact, many of these trends can still be used today when creating your business logo and brand. Nonetheless, a new year is a relevant moment to analyze if your visual identity still represents well your company, message, and values.

Among the most important logo trends of 2023 were soft, subtle gradients, logos composed solely of clean lines, Art Deco style, the use of negative space and geometric shapes, and minimalism and simplicity. As we shall see, most of the new fashions for 2024 are a continuation of what was offered in 2023. Let's take a closer look; there is no need to be an experienced designer or work at a famous creative agency to use these as inspiration for your brand.


Five new logo and graphic design trends for 2024

Whether you're looking for the perfect idea for a new logo, or you're in the market for a redesign, here are five important new trends for 2024.


Important current trend: Minimalist thinking

Simplicity and minimalism have been important trends in logo design for many years. As proof, we've seen a number of major companies decide to simplify their brand image during redesigns. So, how is the 2024 trend different from previous years? Is it as important nowadays or should we explore more complex ideas and custom illustrations?

Minimalist logo design

It's important to mention that it's not just simplicity that's in vogue, but thoughtful and dynamic minimalism. It's not enough to remove parts to make a logo simpler, but to do it intelligently. You need to be able to tell a story using as few components as possible. Your emblem must remain unique, yet representative as it provides an engaging experience.

Regarding this, remember to use brand components with meanings. For example, by choosing the right font, color, or geometric shape, you can convey a specific message. No need to use too many elements; focus on what is essential to send your message with clarity.


Art and fashion trend: Neon and bright colors

After years of softer shades, 2024 will see a lot of color. Neon hues reminiscent of the 80s and 90s, and bright colors, will be a major logo trend this year. The aim here is to attract attention and make a bold statement.

Neon and bright colors logo design

Used well, neon colors like pink, yellow and green can give your brand image a modern edge. This could be a great option if your target audience is young, or you operate in a digital landscape, for example, a tech startup. As far as bright colors are concerned, the colors of choice are red and orange. It's up to you to decide whether these are the right hues for you. You can decide to use gradients with these colors as well. Gradients have been a major trend over the last few years.

Nevertheless, we also need to mention Pantone's color of 2024, which is Peach Fuzz. It is not exactly a neon or bright color, but it will be a hue used a lot by designers this year. If you are looking for a bright but soft, natural, and warm color, it could be a great addition to your brand's visual identity. 


What is the typography trend for 2024? Sans serif fonts with personality

As mentioned above, over the past few years, many companies have opted to simplify their corporate identity during redesigns. Most have chosen to use a sans-serif font to emphasize simplicity. The problem with this is that many brands are rendered with a minimalist font that has no personality. It all looks the same!

Sans-serif fonts logo design

In 2024, to deal with this, it's strongly advised to choose a font with a bit of personality, even if you opt for a sans-serif font. If you'd like to create your logo with FreeLogoDesign, we can recommend fonts such as Arsenal, Fjalla One, Italiana, and Squada One. Dare to opt for something original! 

Remember to add a personal touch; there is no need to use a striking contrast to have the strongest impact. We should be able to feel your core values even if you choose a sans-serif font or create a simple logo. 


What is trending this year? Great vertical logo designs!

If you're familiar with creating videos or content for social media platforms, chances are you already know the importance of verticality, animation, and interactive elements. Because of the predominant use of mobile devices and apps, it's now advisable to create content and visuals vertically. As a result, this is also a key trend for company logos and brands in 2024.

vertical logo design

To achieve this, remember to use geometric shapes like rectangles or ovals, not circles or squares. In short, your logo should be taller than it is wide, as if you were viewing it from a cell phone. It remains to be seen whether this is a trend that will stick around. It also gives a sense of modernity.

We are used to balanced shapes in logo trends, but this year, we aim for something a little asymmetrical. For example, you could take some of the Art Deco style and use shapes like diamonds and triangles. It could be a great way to make your visual identity unique. 


Stay up to date with retro monogram logotypes

A touch of retro is a trendy element in recent years. The same goes for monogram logos, a relatively simple type of logo made up of letters only. In 2024, retro monogram logos will be all the rage. At FreeLogoDesign, we suggest Great Vibes, Niconne, Rakkas and Srisakdi as fonts with an older look.

monogram logotypes design

But how do you make a monogram logo with a retro look? First, you need to choose the letters you want to use. Then, try different layouts, whether inverting the letters (like Chanel), duplicating them (like Givenchy) or simply placing them one on top of the other (like Yves St-Laurent). Then, to get that retro feel, you need to find the perfect font. Whatever your choice, remember that the final result must be easy to read.

Once again, if you are not an experienced graphic designer, you could look up branding ideas of Art Deco inspiration. Let us make a prediction: with the Paris Summer Olympic games, it is likely that several businesses will add a touch of retro to their brands. Aim for elegant, but natural patterns.


What are the label design trends for 2024?

Whatever the type of products you offer, label design is becoming more and more important. Therefore, when designing your products, you must think about packaging. Indeed, packaging can help you send a specific message. It is also a way to stand out from other brands. It is an underestimated marketing tool.

There are two main label design trends for 2024, which are minimalism and sustainable packaging. The first one is not surprising; as is the case with logos, minimalism and simplicity is key. In other words, keep it simple. You do not need to overwhelm your packages with plenty of colors, fonts, and different visual elements. 

Second, more and more customers want businesses to think about their ecological footprint. They want to feel that they are helping the cause and have a commitment to sustainability. When possible, aim for materials that can be recycled or composted. 

A good example of a great label design for 2024 could be 7UP. Indeed, whether its logos or label, the final result is modern and attractive. This brand refresh was perhaps what it needed to give a fresh new start.


In conclusion, here's a reminder: remember that trends change often. So, it's not necessary to follow every logo trend to the letter. On the contrary, choose the fashions and styles that appeal to you and that will represent your logo and brand well. If you're looking for ideas, take a look at our Logo Ideas page. This is where our experienced graphic designers add their latest logo designs, created especially for you!

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