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Do you know the different types of logos? Do you know what kind of logo you should use for your business? Let's take a closer look at what a monogram logo is, but most importantly how to make it work!

What is a monogram logo?

A monogram logo is a relatively simple and short logo that consists mainly of letters. They are also called lettermark logos. Companies often use the initials of their name or an acronym like IKEA. The letters are then used in different ways to create a design, they can be duplicated like the Givenchy logo or intertwined like the New York Yankees logo.

When to use a monogram logo?

  • If you only want to use letters for your logo.
  • Your business name is short, or you want to use an acronym.
  • You want to have a relatively simple logo.
Monogram logos are also often used for fashion related businesses (Chanel, Yves St-Laurent), but also by technology businesses (IBM, NASA) and sports teams (Los Angeles Dodgers, Marseille Olympique).

Some tips to successfully create a monogram logo

Would you like to create a monogram logo with FreeLogoDesign? Here are some tips to get there:
  • Use only letters – numbers are ok too.
  • Try various options: duplicate, transpose, reverse, intertwine letters.
  • Keep a certain symmetry, a balance between the letters.
  • Use empty spaces to create different shapes and counter shapes.
  • Choose a font that represents your company's values.

Some examples of monogram logos

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