Creating a Star Logo: Meaning and Examples

Creating a Star Logo: Meaning and Examples

There are strong symbols that are easily recognized and used all over the world. Among the best known and most respected is the star. Whether used on a country flag or in a brand image, it's a symbol that has a lot of meaning and many uses. Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you create a star logo.

What exactly does the star symbolize?

Of all the symbols we've covered so far, the star is one that is the most meaningful. There are many reasons why the star might be an appropriate symbol for your logo. As well, the meaning can also change depending on the number of points on your star. Of course, the star is the symbol most often used to represent the stars and space.

In general, the star is synonymous with power and excellence. Proof of this can be found on the flags of many past and present world powers such as the USA, China and the USSR. This symbol can also be found on logos of many sports teams. Note that the star is also often associated with communism.

On another note, different types of stars are used to represent religions or spirituality. The five-pointed star is associated with Islam, while the six-pointed star represents the Star of David, the symbol of Judaism.


Why use a star as a symbol for your logo?

If the star is so widely used, why should you choose it as a symbol for your logo? First, it's a shape with strong symbolism. It can help you get your message across more easily by choosing the right components. Obviously, if you want to stand out for excellence or want to show that you're the best in your field, it's definitely a worthy symbol. The star is also a well-known and flexible visual component, so you can add it to complete your logo as required.


Tips for using a star when creating your logo

If you want to use a star as a symbol for your logo, how do you stand out from the crowd? Here are a few ideas.

First, as we've seen, there are several types of stars. There are three-pointed stars, five-pointed stars, 8-pointed stars, 12-pointed stars and so on. When designing your logo, don't be afraid to try out different types of stars. You don't have to choose the traditional five-pointed star.

Second, why not use more than one star? In fact, it's common to see the use of several shapes on a logo. For example, you could duplicate your star or vary the size. Take a look at the various logo templates created by the FreeLogoDesign team for inspiration.

Star Logo examples - FreeLogoDesign


Some examples of well-known logos with a star

As it's often easier to find ideas by analyzing what's already been done, we've come up with five well-known brand logos that feature at least one star. Proof that it's possible to create a logo with a star and still be authentic and creative.


Dallas Stars

Dallas Stars - Wikipedia

As we mentioned, stars are often featured on sports team logos whether for American football, soccer or field hockey. If you look at the various sports teams in Texas, you'll notice that several of them use a star. You might think that the Dallas Stars field hockey team chose this symbol for a sheriff and cowboy feel, but it's more a reference to the Texas flag.



File:Heineken logo.svg - Wikipedia

Heineken has been using a red star for their logo for over 100 years. The reason this Dutch brewery chose to incorporate this symbol is simple: their beers had won several awards, and they wanted to highlight the excellence of their products. Although Heineken's main brand color is green, they chose red, its complementary color, to create a nice contrast.



File:Converse logo.svg - Wikipedia

One of the best-known shoe brands is Converse. For over 100 years, the star has been used not only on their logo, but also on their products. Whether the brand name is present or not, a five-pointed star has been used as a symbol on many versions and redesigns.



Subaru - Wikipedia

Let's move on to the automotive sector. Japanese automaker Subaru chose to use stars for their logo for several reasons. First, the Japanese word Subaru refers to the Pleiades, a star cluster made up of six stars visible to the naked eye. The stars represent both harmony and excellence, as well as a nod to the industrial group behind Subaru.



Starbucks - Wikipedia

Finally, among the best-known restaurant logos is Starbucks. Although this symbol was not present on the original logo, stars were added as early as the 1987 redesign. Until 2011, there were three, two on the border and one in the mermaid's crown. In the current version, only the star on the crown has been kept. The star also remains a relevant symbol given the company's name.


In conclusion, the star is a great shape to use when creating your logo. It's up to you to decide how you'd like to use it, and how many points best suit what you have in mind. Do you want a three-pointed star like the Mercedes-Benz logo, or several small stars like the NASA logo? Don’t hesitate to take a look at the meaning of shapes to make an informed choice.


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