Fresh Logo Design Trends In The World Of Web Design

Fresh Logo Design Trends In The World Of Web Design

Logo design trends are often discussed and written about, but how often do we see them in practice? Whether you're at the beginning of your brand research journey or seeking to revamp your original logo for the new year, explore the logo trends that made waves in the web design world and continue to be popular in the web design world. Instead of just offering tips on approaching logo design, we looked at real businesses to identify nine major logo trends that will likely be effective in 2023 and beyond.

Where to Get a Logo?

There are several ways to create logo designs following modern trends. Building logos from scratch doesn’t work for all businesses. Some may lack skills or an expert designer who can take care of innovative logo design development

Another method to create branded logo designs is using an AI logo generator. Both free and premium options are available online, so you should be fine coming across the AI tools that meet your needs.  

Consider using free logo design templates or free digital products. There is also a wide choice of web design templates featuring stylish and innovative logo designs that you can adjust to meet your project’s style. 


Innovative Logo Design Trends 

In modern logo design, trends are expected to continue, with a global reinvention of the mentioned aesthetics. There is a resurgence of typographic aesthetics in various forms. Logo designers have embraced fancy fonts instead of minimalism and symbolism, resulting in the industry's flood of such designs. While similar concepts have been seen before, inventive typography has been featured in the rebrandings of established brands. Let’s consider several innovative logo design trends to update your web projects with captivating branded looks.


Less is More

Today, it is no longer surprising to see a logo based on a complex logomark. However, such logos can be difficult to remember and may make it challenging for the target audience to connect the company name with its graphic representation. This can pose a problem for large businesses looking to strengthen their presence and increase brand awareness. As a result, there is a trend for companies to move away from complex logo marks in favor of something more basic.

kia logo

Basic geometric shapes like triangles, circles, squares, dots, and lines are used to create simplistic logo designs. To compensate for the simplicity, designers suggest using vibrant, high-contrast color schemes that can tell the brand story better than the logo itself. Alternatively, some companies opt for black and white, embracing a minimalist effect to the fullest. Lastly, negative space is another effective technique for simple geometry while maintaining visual interest.



In the modern world of web design, it’s become trendy to embrace vintage aesthetics as a logo design trend fully. It was surprising to many creators that logo design had just embraced retro and vintage styles. While we have seen numerous elegant old-school fonts that would be perfect for wordmarks, recently, something significant happened. 

Many projects on Behance showcased retro or vintage-style typography, but these were mainly concepts in designers' portfolios. They should have captured our attention and met the needs of real businesses. However, there has been a sudden surge of successful redesigns featuring typefaces from the 1960s-1980s that are jaw-dropping and captivating everyone's attention.

Rolling Stone logo

Expanding the vintage logo design trend beyond indie studios, small businesses, boutiques, salons, and individual creators and connecting with a broader community that values good design is a positive development. This trend signifies that a well-designed logo should be understandable and memorable rather than solely associated with high-end designer aesthetics. The growing interest in retro design among everyday people in 2023 is particularly significant for this logo trend.


Modern Typefaces

If you think vintage logos are the only fresh trend in modern web design, think again. Modern typefaces will be able to shine in logotypes, showcasing their various aspects. Experimental typography gained popularity in 2021, with glitchy and wavy types becoming the rage. This trend continues, with top type foundries releasing best-selling fonts. Logo designers took two years to explore these fancy fonts and incorporate them into their projects, much like the rise of vintage logos. 

It started with creative concepts, where designers played with outrageous types, colors, patterns, and graphics. Then, pioneering entrepreneurs, such as hipster cosmetics brands, breweries, and street food businesses, embraced these new styles. A significant milestone occurred when Nucao, a German chocolate brand, switched from a legible sans-serif logo to an experimental type. 

nucao logo

This move was a game-changer, and other companies, including delivery services, food producers, and convenience stores, followed suit. This trend demonstrates that fewer people fear bold branding and fewer branding designers and businesses fear logo trends.


Scribbles & Sketches

Scribbles, sketches, and doodling stand out in the realm of new logo trends. Despite the perception that freeform drawing has become overused, recent projects prove otherwise. The resurgence of this trend can be attributed to a designer's individualistic approach to branding. Fast sketches, cartoon characters, and uniquely styled shapes effectively achieve this.

virgin logo


Gold Foiling

The trend is not new, and we have already witnessed a plethora of gold in various projects. However, gold has long been associated with tall logos and vintage aesthetics, making its inclusion more than justified. Furthermore, with the recent rebranding of the Toblerone logo, where designers opted to remove the iconic mountain, embrace an Art Nouveau font, and retain the exquisite gold shading, our expectations for gold's continued prominence (and potential growth) remain high.

Toblerone logo



Some trends come and go. Others are here to stay for a while. Whenever you are looking for innovative logo design trends for your personal or business project, get inspired by what big companies have done. Use our collection of modern logo designs for inspiration. Play with styles and fonts to choose the perfect combination for your company. Wherever you are looking for ready-made designs for a quick start on your logo design project, check out the web design templates featuring innovative logo designs and let your imagination fly as you customize them. 


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