Why Create a Logo with a Circle

Why Create a Logo with a Circle

Colors, fonts, texts... There are several things to think about when creating a logo. As each visual component has a very particular meaning, it is important to know what missteps to avoid. Did you know that shapes have meaning? Do you know what values and qualities are associated with circles? Let's take a closer look at the meaning of this shape and the best examples of circles in logos.

The importance of choosing the right shape when creating your logo

Before we start talking about circles, let's take a moment to find out the importance of using the right shape when creating your logo. Recent trends are making logos increasingly simple and minimalist. Even so, your logo should still be able to represent your company well. Using a relevant shape can help you send the right message, even if there are very few components making up your logo.

Would the Chrome or Mozilla Firefox logo be as popular if they were square? And would the Adidas logo have had the same impact if it were shaped like a circle? Take a few seconds to choose the right shape for your logo.


What is the meaning of a circle?

Now, what is the meaning of the circle? The circle is used quite frequently in logos, whether for corporate or sports logos, but why? Does this shape have a hidden message?

According to our article on the symbolism of shapes, circles are associated with community, wholeness and unity. For examples of this, we can consider the symbol of Yin and Yang or wedding rings at a wedding which signify union. Otherwise, the circle is a shape that also represents movement and harmony because there is no end or beginning. Finally, since there is no tip or point, the circle can be considered more friendly and even feminine. 


Some tips for using a circle in your logo

The circle is a very easy shape to use in a logo. You can choose the circle as a background shape or use several like Audi did. Note that on social media, several profile pictures must now be displayed in a circle. So, keep this in mind when creating your logo.

If you want to create a badge logo, you may like a circle as the main shape. Circles have been used for a very long time for this type of logo. For example, for sports team logos. If you are looking for a retro or traditional look, using a badge with a circle could meet your needs. 

Note that it is also possible to use an oval when creating your logo. Several companies such as Ford and Toyota have been able to use the oval or ellipse for their logos over time. If you want to give a touch of character to your logo, this could be a good option.


Five examples of successful circular logos

We could have chosen dozens of successful logos composed of one or more circles but found five that stood out in our opinion. They will certainly be able to inspire you when it is your turn to create your logo.



Several car manufacturers have chosen to use a circle when they created their logo. This was the case for the German company BMW, and since their inception they have used this shape for their badge logo. There is one circle that contains the colors of the coat of arms of their region of origin, Bavaria. Then, there is another circle that displays the company’s initials.

BMW logo


Olympic Games

When it was time to create a logo for the Olympic Games, it was a circle that was used as a symbol to represent different continents. As mentioned above, the circle is associated with community, harmony, and the absence of conflict. The fact that the flag of the Olympic Games has a white background also reinforces the message of peace and neutrality.

Olympic Games Logo



The Starbucks logo has always been circular in shape. Even after a few redesigns, this company’s logo is still in continuity with their first logo, which is essential when you want to evolve a brand. Although the main color has changed from brown to green over the years, the current Starbucks logo remains flexible. This makes it easy to use everywhere, whether on coffee glasses, napkins or posters.

Starbucks Logo


London Underground

It's hard to talk about logos that are made up of a circle without mentioning the famous logo of the London Underground aka the Tube. If you've ever had the chance to visit London, you've probably noticed the symbol of the stations: simple, but very effective. The colours of the London Underground are reminiscent of those on the flag of the United Kingdom. However, different versions and colours are used to represent the other means of transportation in the city.

London Underground Logo



Finally, Mastercard is another good example of a company that has used more than one circle when they created their logo. Their logo has also been simplified and modernized in recent years, however the presence of the two circles remains the most important component of their emblem despite everything. Note that the color gradient is very well done, we recognize the brand without needing the name Mastercard below the logo.

Mastercard logo



In conclusion, if you are looking for a strong symbol that represents harmony or movement for your logo, you should consider using one or more circles. Several companies have used this shape for their logo and branding, why not you? If this is your first time, check out our tips for creating a professional logo. Enjoy creating!


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