How to Create a Crown Logo

How to Create a Crown Logo

In logo design, some symbols are used more than others. Some symbols have been used for hundreds of years to represent values or countries. Among these symbols, crowns are often used when creating logos. Therefore, let's take a closer look at how to create a logo with a crown successfully.

Why create a crown logo?

Perhaps you have noticed that several companies have chosen to use a crown for their logo. This is because the crown is associated with royalty of course, but also with power, wealth, and excellence. Therefore, if you want to show that you are much better than your competitors, things like a crown can help you send that message.

However, if you visit a country where there has always been a monarch, you will soon notice that the crown is often used as a symbol of government authority. For example, if you visit England, you will see that the post office's name is the Royal Mail. Its logo is the name of the company with a crown icon. In short, the crown's symbol is widely used worldwide.

Some tips when creating a logo with a crown

If you want to create a logo with a crown, here are some tips to get you there. Obviously, your logo must represent your company and its values.

Think about colors

You probably already know this but colors have meaning. Therefore, if you are creating a logo with a crown, you need to take colors into consideration. For example, if you want to show your superiority, yellow and purple are colors that have a strong connection with royalty and power. Obviously, you can use any color when creating your logo. However, try not to use more than three different shades to increase your chances of having a well-balanced result.

Think about the font

If you choose to create a monogram, signature or combined logo, the font will be an important component to consider. This is because fonts can help you send the right message. Do you want to give a serious and traditional touch to your logo? If so, consider using a serif font. If you prefer something modern, choose a sans-serif font.

Find the perfect icon

What type of crown do you want for your logo? Would you like something simple or detailed? It is often the icon that makes all the difference. But where to find the perfect icon for your logo with a crown? FreeLogoDesign gives you access to thousands of icons on its editor. Simply click on the Add Icon button and start your search. Do different tests until you find the perfect crown.

Crown logo icons - Freelogodesign logo maker

Think about the layout of your logo components

Where do you want to put your crown on your logo? Left, or right? At the top, bottom or right in the middle of the logo? The importance here is to find a layout that is well balanced, especially if there is a lot of text or a slogan. Again, do different tests. As a crown is worn on the head, it might look better to put the crown above the text.


Some examples of logos with a crown

As we mentioned above, many companies have chosen the crown as the main symbol of their logo. Here are some examples that we think are particularly successful.


Corona Extra Logo

Let's start with Corona, a Spanish Mexican beer whose name means crown. This is a combination mark logo, as in a logo that is the company name and a symbol. Have you ever noticed the drawings on the crown? They are an inspiration from the components on a cathedral located in Puerto Vallarta. Also, Corona has created different variations of its logo according to the beers offered while keeping the same brand image.


Rolex Logo

Now let's move on to the Swiss luxury brand Rolex. Known for its high-end watches, they needed a logo that matched. Rolex also created a combined logo with a crown as an icon and the name of the company. They used two colors, gold and green, that are also associated with money. Finally, this Swiss company chose a serif font to show the serious and traditional side.

Los Angeles Kings

Los Angeles Kings Logo

Crowns are used on logos of many sports teams. This is the case for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team. At one point, the Los Angeles Kings used purple and yellow for the crown of one of their older logos. The team now has a badge logo that is black, gray and white. The result is simple and very elegant. If you focus on the crown, you will notice small details such as the presence of two suns and hockey sticks.

Premier League

Premier League Logo

The English football league championship, now called the Premier League, also has a very successful logo featuring a crown. What could be better as a symbol than to use a lion with a crown? As the lion is the king of the jungle, this shows the importance of this event. It should be noted that the lion is also the emblematic animal of England. Finally, purple is a very relevant color to represent this league of champions.

In conclusion, if you want to show your excellence, why not choose the crown as the symbol of your logo? This will most certainly help you have a strong message and stand out from the competition. If it's a logo related to sports, discover our tips on how to make a logo for your sports team a success.  Enjoy creating!


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