How to Choose the Right Symbol for Your Logo

How to Choose the Right Symbol for Your Logo

Have you just started to create your logo and don't know if you want to embed a symbol? Perhaps you don't know which one to choose? Today, we are going to discover together the different types of symbols to guide you in your creative process and help you create a logo that will meet your needs.

The icon of your logo is important if you decide to include one. There are different types of logos that have an icon: symbol logos, combined logos or emblem logos.

Why have a symbol as your logo  

There are different reasons that might make you want to create a logo with an icon. Quite simply, you want this icon to be the main element of your logo and brand image, so that your brand is recognizable in the blink of an eye by people. But also, if you want a simple logo. Just because you have symbol as your logo does not mean you must create a complex logo. On the contrary, it will need to be simple. If you ask someone to draw it from memory, they should be able to do it. In general, symbol for a logo allows you to develop a strong visual identity.

The different types of icons for your logo

The problem with creating an icon for your logo often comes from not knowing which one to use. Here are some examples of icon types that might inspire you.

An abstract icon for a logo

First, the abstract icon is a type of icon that is often used. With this type of logo, we do not really know what the logo refers to. Sometimes it is our imagination that will do the work and try to find meaning. An abstract icon can be quite complicated to make since we are trying, basically, to create a logo that represents our company. However, with an abstract logo, you can be certain that it will be unique. It is hard to think that two people could draw the same icon.

Abstract icon logo example

A pictogram for a logo

What we mean by pictogram is simply an image or icon representing a real object. These pictograms are often appreciated because they summarize the idea of your brand in a simple way. Your icon should not have too many details so that it remains readable. By making your logo at FreeLogoDesign, you will have access to more than 3 million icons.

Pictogram icon logo example

An emblem for a logo

An emblem is often used to highlight your professionalism and seriousness, but also if your company has an ancient history. In general, an emblem logo will have several components like text, icons, colors or even a slogan. All these components can complicate the creation of your logo as it is necessary to keep a certain harmony.

Emblem icon logo example

An animal for a logo

There are many logos that have an animal. They often represent companies, cities, countries and even families. They make it possible to convey a message or values. An animal can easily serve as your mascot for your company logo. You should know that each animal has meaning. For example, the horse represents power, the elephant longevity, the fox cunning. It's up to you to see which one best represents your values and your company.

Animal icon logo example

A mascot for a logo

As mentioned above, you could use an animal for your icon that is a mascot. A mascot can depict an animal, a person, a lucky object and will be like an ambassador. In the same style as the logo with an emblem, a mascot provides a strong image of your logo. A mascot logo is often illustrated in an animated, fun or adorable way.

mascot icon logo example

How to choose your symbol?

Now that you have an idea of the different types of icons that exist, how do you know which icon will work best for you?

First, think about the name of your brand, the values you want to represent. You will have a general idea of your logo. That is the beginning of your creation. However, this idea can start to be complex. If this happens, stop thinking right away about it, count to three and return to simplicity. 

You have your main idea. You can visualize an image for your logo, so try to link it to your domain and create a story for it. For example, the Tesla logo certainly represents the letter T, but also a part of an electric motor. So don't hesitate to build a story around your logo. Now it's time to make different sketches. But if you don't know how to draw, it's not a problem, since your sketch will be simple to do. If you have any doubts, ask for opinions from those around you or get inspiration from our different templates. 

When designing your logo, there are a few details you're going to have to think about. That includes whether it's recognizable. Also, the text needs to be well readable, and the different components need to be balanced. The fact that it is legible means also flexible. That is to say that it must also be readable on all formats: social networks, business cards, official documents...

If we talk about the design side, then you have to think about the colors of your symbol. We recommend a maximum of 2 colors for your symbol. If there are too many colors, then potential customers will be confused by the mixture of all the shades. Regarding warm or cool colors, it is up to you to see what you want as it depends on your message and values. 

Finally, it is not so complicated to create a symbol for a logo. You just have to be attentive to the details of your story, which made you want to create your business. As well, you have to be attentive in keeping it simple. If you are not sure what type of logo you want, do not hesitate to consult our page on the different types of logos.


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