The History and Meaning of the Red Bull Logo

The History and Meaning of the Red Bull Logo

Today, we discover the logo of one of the first caffeinated beverages marketed in Europe and one of the most famous drinks in the world. Maybe you drink it? We are talking about Red Bull. This brand is now recognized worldwide for its logo and slogan: Red Bull gives wings. We are going to learn more about the history and meaning of the logo of this energy drink which was inspired by a Thai drink!

Where is Red Bull from? Where was it founded and who created Red Bull?

In 1984, the energy drink Red Bull appeared in Austria. Created by Dietrich Mateschitz with the help of Chaleo Yoovidhya, who owned the pharmaceutical group TC Pharmaceuticals. They created this caffeine and taurine energy drink, marketing it worldwide, and changing the beverage industry.

You should know that a Thai version, Krating Daeng, was owned by the famous Chaleo Yoovidhya. It is not the same company, and there are differences in the composition of the drink. However, it was while traveling in Thailand that Dietrich Mateschitz discovered the idea of an energy drink, helping workers or drivers stay stimulated during their work. He thought it would be interesting to import this type of drink and modify some ingredients to please Europeans. On April 1, 1987, Red Bull Energy Drink was launched as a new product.


The origin of the Red Bull energy drink logo

While the founder of Red Bull Dietrich Mateschitz imported the concept of the caffeinated energy drink from Thailand to Europe, he also imported the logo and name. The logo of the Thai drink Krating Daeng has the same logo and name as that of Red Bull. Dietrich Mateschitz found that the name in Thai was not easy enough to pronounce. It is indeed something to consider when thinking about a new product or company name

Histoire du logo Red Bull

What does the Red Bull logo symbolize?

So, we need to take a look at the Krating Daeng logo to understand its origin. As mentioned earlier, this drink is consumed by workers, drivers, but also by Muay Thai fighters – people practicing traditional Thai boxing. We can think that this is why he depicted two bulls charging one another. But why choose bulls? Chaleo was inspired by the gaurs, aka Indian bison, who are the largest bovine in the world native to Southeast Asia. These bulls represent the strength you will acquire by drinking this energy drink. It is a reason why Red Bull is still associated with extreme sports today.

It is therefore in the name, which is only translated from one language to another, that the two brands differ as they both have the same the logo. Red Bull chose its own font using Spain Bull in bold.

Since its creation, Red Bull has kept the same logo, it has managed to keep its profitability and has not needed a redesign at this time.

What do the colors of the Red Bull logo represent?

Regarding colors, the founder used red and yellow representing vitality, energy, passion and speed creating a beautiful contrast between the rising sun – or setting – and the two bulls. It is possible to find other versions of the Red Bull cans using other colors and designs. Over the years, they have managed several international marketing campaigns and commercials promoting their brand power.

The design of Red Bull cans

When the iconic Red Bull logo was added to their can, we noticed quite a contrast. Don't worry, that was the goal. Dietrich Mateschit wanted a flashy appearance even more than the energy coming from this can. So, blue and silver seemed to be the best choice. The Kastner agency designers helped Dietrich Mateschit develop Red Bull's brand image.

Red Bull logo can

The famous Red Bull slogan

The Kastner agency also helped create the slogan. It was apparently complicated to create. But now who doesn't know it? Red Bull gives wings! You could say that it respects all the characteristics of a good slogan, except for its promise to give wings. And yes, little anecdote, Red Bull lost $13 million in a lawsuit with American customers, then a few years later Canadian customers, for not keeping its promise to give wings by drinking a Red Bull. Each client won $10. Original! So be careful that your slogan is true!

Derivatives of the Red Bull symbol over the years

You should know that Red Bull has invested money in many sporting and musical events and is a recurring sponsor and partner, whether for extreme sports and video games. They specialize in the sale of clothing and travel so that their fans could be dressed in the brand from head to toe and then travel to attend the events that Red Bull organizes. RedBull's clothes are not just jersey and sports stockings. RedBull has its own brand using quality textiles and technology superior to most garments.

Without further ado, here are the different logo versions derived from the original logo.

First, let us take a closer look at AlphaTauri, Red Bull's clothing brand using certain technology in their textiles. We see that on the logo the bull is still there in two circular shapes showing that it is always moving forward at full speed.

Subsequently, Red Bull was able to create so many events that it was able to launch a new travel service. You can therefore book a trip from their website for the Red Bull Cliff Diving event that takes place in Paris. Again, the bull is still present on the logo. This time, ready to travel the world. The planet always represents energy, and the different lines represent continuity.

Finally, RedBull also created a new logo for its website, but also for its music platform and online store. This is where they mainly sell official products of the brand with the original Red Bull logo. The same bull is there, with a circle representing both sun and water, forming a never-ending movement forward.

Red Bull Logo Derivative


Be inspired by the Red Bull logo to create your own logo

We cannot repeat it enough, but the foundation of a good logo is its simplicity. This is exactly what Chaleo did by first taking inspiration from an animal, then he chose one that could have enough strength and energy to carry the image of the brand. He then added a sunrise or sunset with the mirror of the bull thus simulating a fight. To fight, you need all your strength and be well awake. That's why Red Bull exists, and Chaleo has found a great story for the name and logo of his brand, making it the basis for one of the most-known drinks in the world today.

Then the colors, they are simple and quite complementary. There is nothing simpler than red with yellow. He knew that these two colors perfectly complemented his story of power and vitality. Regarding the can, Dietrich Mateschitz and the agency designer team certainly took risks, because it added two additional colors, for a total of four colors, which we do not necessarily recommend. So be careful not to put too many colors. For the font, it is simple and bold, which makes it easy to read and since it is also in red, it is very noticeable. They also knew how to adapt their logo for different projects like the Red Bull Music Academy or Racing Team.

Now you know everything about the Red Bull logo and where the bulls come from. Also, remember that you don't need to do dozens of redesigns if you think you've created a timeless logo. All you have to do is tell a simple story related to what you're selling and an impressive emblem. It might help you create the best drink in the world or be associated with extreme sports, without you needing a great amount of caffeine and ideas.

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