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How to Create a Slogan That Will Represent You Well

How to Create a Slogan That Will Represent You Well

For hundreds of years, short sentences have been used to represent a family or a company. Today, even countries have their own official motto. So, what are you waiting for? Create one for your business. Your slogan, like your logo, is an important part of your brand image. It should represent you, even when your logo is missing. If you've managed to find your company name, you'll be able to find the right slogan for your business. The following are different ways to create your slogan.

Some Rules to Follow When Creating a Slogan

According to the dictionary, “a slogan is a short and striking phrase used to propagate an idea." In our case, a slogan is used to represent your company, its values and services - the same way a logo does. The only difference is, it’s for the ears. The slogan is a marketing tool that can be used with or without your logo. You may not know where to start to create the right slogan and this task may seem daunting but start by keeping certain characteristics in mind when creating. Of course, keep in mind who you are and what your logo represents as an inspirational base.


 A slogan is normally composed of only a few words that go straight to the point. A slogan is not several sentences. Therefore, be clear and concise. Your slogan should not exceed 10 words. Often, the best slogans are made up of only a few words, for example, the McDonalds’ slogan, "I'm Lovin' it" and Nike’s, "Just do it". 

You want to reach as many people as you can with your slogan. It is therefore important to keep it simple. Do you know of any slogans that have left their mark by being complicated? If so, that is not the norm. The jewelry company De Beers understood this and decided to use the slogan, "A Diamond Is Forever" to spread the idea that diamonds are important in as few words as possible.


 Don't forget why you want a slogan for your company: it's to represent you and convey a message! It is therefore imperative that your slogan be related to who you are, your values, your products or what you represent if you want it to be easily associated with your company. The slogan of Maxwell House, a brand of coffee, was able to represent itself with its slogan, "Good to the last drop".


 While you're looking for something representative, remember to be honest. Sometimes, it can be tempting to want to bet on something you are not. However, if you want to represent yourself well, your slogan must be honest. Don't try to promote what you're not. In the case of KFC restaurants, their slogan, "Finger lickin' good" represents them well since their main product, fried chicken, is eaten with your fingers.


 It is true that negative subjects attract attention more easily than positive ones. However, you probably want your potential customers to have a good opinion of you. Try to link your slogan to happy subjects like love or friendship for example. This will help give you a friendly image. LG understood this and uses the slogan, "Life's Good". In addition, the first letter of each word in the slogan is the same as the letters in the company name.

 It Must Sound Good

 What makes a slogan pleasing to the ear? It often has to do with the rhythm and sound of the chosen words. You don't need to compose Shakespeare-style rhymes, but you can certainly draw inspiration from some of his techniques to create your slogan. Motorola has been able to play with sounds with its simple but effective slogan, "Hello Moto".

 How to Get That Perfect Slogan

 First, you need to do some introspection before you start creating your slogan. What are the values of your company and products? What do your products offer - quality, speed, accessibility? What sets you apart from your competitors? These points can most certainly be the basis of your research for your slogan. Also, don't forget your potential customers either. Are you looking to offer your products and services to everyone or to certain groups of the population? Is it a company that is more for young or older people? On the contrary, are your products for women or for men? Take the time to answer these questions, this may give an angle to your creative process.

 As well, there are hundreds of things that can help you find the perfect slogan for your business. Of course, there are brainstorming and lists. You can write down words and their synonyms, followed by placing them in various combinations. Why not read excerpts from literature or songs or poems to understand how the rhythm works? Famous quotes or puns can also help. Just make sure you don't copy something known. Stay alert, a good idea can pop up anytime and anywhere. Otherwise, there are several sites on the web that offer to generate a slogan for you.

In conclusion, feel free to try various versions of your logo with or without your slogan. This may or may not tell you whether it fits into your brand image. Also, choose a font that will represent both your message and your values. Do you prefer serif fonts or sans serif? These types of fonts offer a variety of aesthetic benefits that can help you carry your slogan and message more easily. Enjoy creating!

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