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What is a vector format and why you need it

You might have already requested the vector version of your logo, without knowing too much of what you were talking about. Or you have read that the vector version is included in the Free Logo Design high resolution package and now you are wondering why do you need one? Well, today we demystify the vector format and why it is essential to have it in your possession!

What is a vector version?

The vector format, as its name says, is a composite image of vectors. This format uses mathematics to generate a vector between two anchor points, creating  mathematically defined geometric shapes. Therefore, unlike a raster image that has a defined size, it can be extended indefinitely, without losing image quality. For example, if we take a raster image (JPG or PNG, with is a fixed pixel size is of 200 x 200 pixels), and if we want to enlarge it, we will see all the small pixels that make up the image. On the contrary, if we take a vector image and we want to enlarge it, there is no problem. We will never lose quality.

Example of vector formats:


The .AI extension is the main extension used by Adobe Illustrator software. This is one of the most used formats by designers to work on on files, but it is quite useless in other conditions, since it can only be opened with this software.


The PDF format is one of the universal formats, since it can be opened either with an editing software, such as Illustrator, or with a free software or a web browser. It is also very useful when printing a file. That's why we include it in Free Logo Design high resolution package.


The SVG format is the most popular vector format for the web. It allows you to display vector graphics on your web page and is lighter than a raster image format (JPG or PNG).

Why do you need one?

Having your logo in vector format is essential if you want to use professional printing services. Whether for business cards, t-shirts or flyers; the printer will undoubtedly ask you to provide him with a vector version of your logo. This format is also necessary if a designer needs to make changes to your logo.

On the other hand, for the use of your logo on the web, it may be better to use a raster format, either a JPG or a PNG, since the file will be lighter. So loading the image on your page will be faster.

In brief, to use a logo beyond a Facebook page, it is essential to have the vector version. Fortunately, with Free Logo Design it is included in the high resolution package! So, it is not longer necessary to spend more money to convert your files!

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