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You have many options when you want to create a logo. You can work with an agency, ask a professional designer, or do it yourself. But how can you make sure you'll get a logo quickly that will meet your needs and not drain your wallet? Let’s look at what the advantages of FreeLogoDesign versus Logaster are for the creation of a logo.



Free low-resolution logo
$39.99 high-resolution logo

Creation Process

Choose a template and customize it. Decide if you want to create an account to save your logos or not.

Mandatory Subscription?

No. You can decide whether you want to create an account or not.

Website available in many languages?

Yes. FreeLogoDesign is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and German.



Logo with white background: free
1x high-resolution logo: $19.99
5x high resolution logos: $49.99

Creation Process

Enter the name of your brand and choose one of their generated examples. Then, customize it.

Mandatory Subscription?


Website available in many languages?

Yes. Logaster is available in English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish

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How to Create Your Logo

You can use our templates to create your logo on FreeLogoDesign. We have more than 200 logo templates that you can customize with our editor. You can modify colors, texts, icons and shapes, and duplicate, move or delete elements. FreeLogoDesign’s logo maker is flexible and easy to use.

To create a logo with Logaster, you need to enter your brand name and choose one of their generated logos. It is possible to edit the suggested logo by clicking on the pen icon. Please note that it is mandatory to create an account if you wish to modify or download your logo (it is not required on FreeLogoDesign!) Then, you can modify the layout, text, colors, fonts, and icons. Regarding the colors, you cannot select a specific shade, you need to choose one of their color palettes. This can be restricting if you have already chosen your brand colors.

Please note that it is mandatory to create an account if you wish to modify or download your logo with Logaster – it is not required with FreeLogoDesign! In sum, their logo editor is a bit rigid. For example, you cannot add additional shapes or icons.

How Much Does a Logo Cost?

You have two options when you make a logo with FreeLogoDesign: you can choose to create a logo for free or purchase our Basic package. Yes, as the name suggests, it is possible to create a free logo with FreeLogoDesign. When creating your free logo, you will have access to all our logo templates and editor features. This free option is a 200 x 200 pxl PNG format.

If you have professional needs, you can purchase high-resolution (PNG, JPG) and resizable SVG files. There is a fixed price to receive different versions of your logo for only $39.99.

Is it possible to make a free logo with Logaster? The answer is yes. You can download a free version of your logo with a white background, no slogan, and a horizontal format. Although the file is in PNG, their free logo does not have a transparent background (mandatory white background), unlike FreeLogoDesign’s free logos.

Logaster provides different packages. First, the XS offer allows you to have one version of your logo (transparent background, white background, colored background, black and white or black background) for 19.99€. If you wish to have your logo in many formats (for example, a version with a transparent background and another one in black and white), you need to choose their 49.99 € package. If you wish to get their social media kit and a graphic charter, you must pay 64.99€.

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If you hesitate to use FreeLogoDesign, we invite you to read authentic reviews from our customers. To this day, more than 29 million entrepreneurs and creators like you have used FreeLogoDesign to create their logo.

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You can always try our logo maker free of charge! You will then see if it meets your needs and can decide later if you wish to purchase the high-resolution version!

PS: It is also possible to ask FreeLogoDesign’s team to create a custom logo!

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