3D Logos: Are They Still Trending in 2024?

3D Logos: Are They Still Trending in 2024?

If you're in the market for a new logo, it's very likely that you'll take a look at the latest trends. You probably want your emblem to be both memorable and representative. So what about 3D logos? Is it an outdated fad? Is it one of the important trends this year? Let's see if 3D logos are still trending in 2024.

What is a 3D logo?

To begin, what exactly is a 3D logo and how is it different from a 2D logo? In a nutshell, a 3D logo is a three-dimensional representation. This means that it has depth or volume on a screen or surface. The goal here is to give a more dynamic or realistic appearance to the emblem. It can extend out to attract attention.

2D logos, on the other hand, are a two-dimensional representation with no depth. Also known as flat logos, they are commonly used in the design world today and considered to be more modern according to many.


Are 3D logos currently trending?

Yes and no. It is important to qualify the answer. 3D logos have been used for several decades now and some aspects have become obsolete. However, it is possible to add a slight 3D effect to bring depth and stand out. It's all about subtlety and balance.

Today, most major brands have dropped the 3D effect on their logo during redesigns. 3D logos were commonly used during the 2000s, which explains the search for a more modern look. But since everyone seems to be doing the same thing lately, a slight 3D effect can be a way to do something different.


What to keep in mind if you want to create a 3D logo?

If you want to create a 3D logo, what should you take into consideration to avoid having something that looks like it came straight out of the 2000s? We've come up with three tips for you.

Keep it simple

Here's our first tip: no matter what type of logo you want to create, remember to keep it simple. In fact, simplicity and minimalism have been important trends in recent years. Therefore, if you want to create a 3D logo, keep in mind that the result should be relatively simple. Use the 3D effect carefully, it should be a slight 3D effect.

Think about the shadows

An interesting way to incorporate a 3D effect into your logo is to add a shadow. This shadow can give the desired effect of depth. There are different ways to do this. You can use shades of gray or black or even a color gradient based on the main color present. You could also opt for an outline. Try it out, but as mentioned earlier, don't forget to bet on a balanced whole.

Consider the gradients

Then there are the gradients. Soft, natural gradients are especially trendy when it comes to logos. These, when used as shading, can certainly give an interesting 3D effect to your logo. To achieve this, you could use a shade that is a little darker than the main color. When it comes to soft, natural gradients, look at the color wheel. For example, green follows blue and blue is followed by purple. In this situation, a gradient with red might be less relevant.


Three examples of brands with 3D logos

Since it can be difficult to find modern 3D logos, we've found three examples of well-known brands for you. It's also very possible that we'll see new logos with depth effects over the next few months.


Lamborghini Logo

Unlike other automakers who have opted to have a 2D emblem in recent years, Lamborghini continues to sport its famously slightly curved logo. This badge logo is relatively simple. It is made up of the name of the Italian brand and the symbol of a fighting bull in gold to remind us that these are luxury vehicles. The crest has a curved effect, bringing dynamism to the badge.



Netflix N Logo

Now let's move on to Netflix's logo, at least one of its versions. Nowadays, it is common to see this company only use their symbol consisting only of the letter N in capital letters. The lines are placed in such a way that there is a depth effect. In this case, the result is simple, but above all very successful. The result is something very modern, which works very well with this company that is popular with younger generations.



Android New logo

When it comes to tech companies, it's not just Netflix that has opted for a little more depth with a 3D logo. Android's new logo is a good example of this. In this version launched in 2023, the alien that represents the brand goes from 2D to 3D. The effect is also successful here. It looks like the green icon is more endearing and realistic with 3D.


In conclusion, we can conclude that 3D logos are still fashionable in 2024, to a certain extent. The new logos that opt for a small amount of depth are far from those created in the 2000s. They're much simpler and use a variety of tactics for a touch of dynamism.

An oversized 3D effect can quickly become cliché. Speaking of which, let us introduce you to some other clichés to avoid when creating your logo.


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