Creating a Sports Brand Logo: Steps and Tips

Creating a Sports Brand Logo: Steps and Tips

Every year, billions are spent on sports. Whether it's clothing, accessories or workouts, sports brands remain among the best-known and most lucrative. Are you looking to create a new brand related to sports or healthy living? Would you like to become a professional coach or open your own gym? Let us give you some steps to follow and practical advice on how to make your sports brand logo a success.

How to create a sports brand logo

If you're just starting out, chances are you don't have the branding budget of a multinational corporation. That's not a problem - it's absolutely possible to create your first sports brand logo yourself, or for a small fee.

Did you know that Nike's logo cost only $35 to create at the time? It's proof that it's possible to come up with good ideas even without a marketing agency or a team of seasoned designers.


Do some market research

To begin, whatever your sector of activity, we strongly recommend you take the time to do some market research. This is an essential step in the creation of any corporate logo. During this analysis, you'll have the opportunity to define your values, as well as your target clientele. You'll need to find out how you're different from the competition, and what other brands are present in your environment. This information will prove invaluable when it's time to create your sports brand logo.


Search for ideas

Next, take the time to find logo ideas or styles that appeal to you. Since you've already defined your sports brand values, you may have an idea of what you want people to feel when they see your logo. Of course, you can also take a look at your competitors' brands. The point here isn't to copy what they have, but to understand how their emblem stands out or represents them well. You can also use Pinterest or FreeLogoDesign to find designs you like.


Find the key elements of your brand

Now it's time to find the key components that will create the basis of your sports brand. For example, you can choose a particular type of logo or a theme to follow. In general, you'll need to define a color palette and main colors of your brand image, the font, whether you want to use a slogan, upper- or lower-case letters, the layout of the various components, and so on. Each component you choose must respect the values of your sports brand and create a balanced whole.


Create different versions

These days, you may need to use your logo in several different places. To ensure that your emblem always looks good, you may need to have different versions of your logo to suit all needs. This is one of the things to consider during the design process. For example, you could have a version with just the text or icon, or a simplified version for smaller components like Favicons. Also, make sure your logo looks good when it has to be in black and white.


Reminder: the essential components of a good logo

When you have an great-looking logo in your hands, before going any further we suggest you check that your creation meets the criteria for a good logo. You don't have to be Leonardo da Vinci or Picasso to understand and apply these basic rules.

A good logo should be memorable, flexible, simple, timeless and distinctive:

  • Memorable: so your potential customers can easily remember you. 
  • Flexible: so you can use your logo anywhere with ease.
  • Simple: because as well as helping flexibility, it's an important trend in recent years.
  • Timeless: so you don't have to redo your logo every year.
  • Distinctive: it has to be a logo that represents you well, not a competitor's.

By following these rules, you increase your chances of having a logo that stands out.


Three examples of successful sports brand logos

As it can be difficult to come up with your first ideas, let us introduce you to three sports brand logos that we think are particularly successful. Chances are, you're already familiar with them.


Under Armour

File:Under armour logo.svg - Wikipedia

First, we think the Under Armour logo is an excellent example. It stands out especially for its simplicity, there's nothing more classic than black. As well, it stands out because the brand chose to use a monogram logo, a type of logo not often used by sports-related companies.



Fichier:Puma-Logo.png — Wikipédia

Another interesting model brand is Puma. Whether through their advertising campaigns, the use of an animal associated with performance as its emblem or the font, this German company has positioned itself well. Puma has always been a major rival to Adidas, since both brands were founded by brothers in the same town.



Swoosh — Wikipédia

Then there's Nike, which remains one of the most successful logos of all time. Simple yet effective, it is a minimalist representation of the wings of the Greek goddess of victory. Today, this brand no longer needs to add its name to its logo to be recognizable.


In conclusion, whether you want to become a yoga teacher or launch a clothing brand, a strong sports brand logo can help you attract attention and stand out from the competition. Make sure, however, that the result can be used anywhere and represents you well. For more information on this subject, take a look at our tips for creating a fashion brand logo. We wish you every success!


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