Inspiration to Create a Heart Logo

Inspiration to Create a Heart Logo

Recently, we talked about the importance of choosing the right shape when creating your logo. Circles, triangles, and squares can give different effects to your designs, and many companies have created original designs, using shapes. Today, let's take a look at a shape with strong symbolism: the heart. Here are a few tips on how to create a heart logo, along with a few examples.

Where does the heart symbol come from?

The heart is used everywhere, but where exactly does it come from? If you've ever seen what a human heart looks like, the symbol isn't exactly the same. This shape has been used as a symbol for centuries, with evidence it existed as far back as antiquity.

Initially, this shape was associated with flora. Various plants have heart-shaped leaves. The symbol was then used to represent the heart as an organ, and later to represent love and affection.

The heart as a shape is known as the symbol of love and passion, but it can also be found in other fields, including healthcare. The heart is often used by medical companies and foundations. For example, the heart is the perfect symbol for anything to do with cardiovascular health.


Why use the heart for your logo?

But why choose the heart when creating your logo? First, the heart is a shape that isn't used that much in corporate logos. If it's relevant to your field of activity, it could be great to use this shape to stand out. The symbolism of the heart is also recognized around the world.

On another note, a heart can add a touch of femininity or softness to your logo. If you work in a field related to health, mental health and well-being, this is a great symbol. It all depends on the values you wish to promote.

Tips for using a heart in your logo

If you want to use a heart as a shape in your logo, think outside the box. Too often, we see a heart used in pink or red. If you want to stand out, try other colors.

Alternatively, consider playing with the shape itself to create different effects. You can duplicate it to create a kind of cloverleaf or invert it by putting the bottom up. You could also put it on its side to make an arrow. In short, it's certainly possible to have fun using the heart as the main shape for your logo.

Heart Examples Logo - FreeLogoDesign

And there's nothing to stop you adding a little heart to your design, especially if you choose a font that's reminiscent of handwriting. You could use a heart to replace a period or at the end of a word. Don't hesitate to make several versions.

Some examples of heart logos

If the heart is a shape that interests you, we've found four examples of companies that have used it for their logo. They've used the shape in a variety of ways that are sure to inspire you.


Roxy Logo
The Roxy brand logo is an excellent example of an original use of the heart. Initially, the company only had the Quicksilver brand for men. When a line for women was created, the Quicksilver logo was duplicated to form a heart. All the components of the original brand, such as the mountain and the wave, were present, but the result was unique and perfect for the target clientele. It even looks like two hands forming a heart.



Airbnb Logo
We've already covered the AirBnB logo in our article on successful redesigns, but we thought it was another relevant example of a logo with a heart. Just because you want to use the heart doesn't mean you have to have the curves at the top. Here, AirBnB used a shape reminiscent of both the A and a heart during their 2014 redesign. It's simple, but very effective.



GoDaddy Logo

Among the companies most in need of a redesign was GoDaddy. Their old logo looked straight out of the 1990s. Their new 2020 logo featured a heart composed of the letters G and O, with a style reminiscent of AirBnB's redesign. The result was modern and flexible, proving that you can be creative and keep it simple by choosing a heart in a logo.


Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi Logo

Let's move on to the world of music. Obviously, we could have talked about the Heart logo which, as the name suggests, features a heart. However, we decided to discuss the Bon Jovi logo. This American band has had several logos over the course of their career, including one with a heart pierced by a sword. This can easily represent the pain associated with heartbreak, a theme in some of their songs. Today, Bon Jovi uses a version of their logo without icons, just the band's name.

In conclusion, it's very possible to use a heart when creating your logo. As we've seen, the heart can be used by many different types of business, not just those related to health. If you're still looking for inspiration for your logo, take a look at the symbolism of shapes. Like colors, shapes have specific meaning. We wish you every success!


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