Creative Process: Steps to Create a Logo with Ease

Creative Process: Steps to Create a Logo with Ease

If you're not a graphic designer or creative person, it may seem daunting to create a logo or branding for your business. Fortunately, these days there are a number of tools that can help, including the FreeLogoDesign editor. Let us take you through the essentials to create a logo with ease. It's easier than you might think!

Before creating your logo

Despite what you might think, there's a lot of work to be done before creating your logo if you want to increase your chances of success. The more you know about the style you want, the easier it will be to design something that suits your needs.

Analyze your business and target customers

The first step in the creative process is to analyze your company, its products, competitors and, above all, target clientele. Before you launched your company, chances are you had to do some market research. If so, take the data you collected and use it to help you create your logo.

How do your company and products stand out from the competition? What are your values? What do you want people to feel when they see your logo and use your products or services? Write down all the words that come to mind and use them as a source of inspiration.

Think about the logo styles you like

Next, can you name a few big brand logos that you like? Which ones do you find particularly interesting? Do you prefer the refined, timeless feel of Chanel or something more striking like Nike? We recommend you choose a main logo type before you even start designing.

Need some inspiration? Note that FreeLogoDesign has thousands of logo designs created by our team. You can certainly look at our Logo Ideas pages to find designs that will spark your creativity!

Define your brand image components

Your brand image isn't just your logo. It includes many different things, including colors, fonts, and tone. Therefore, before you start working on your logo, it's a good idea to have at least an idea of the components of your brand image.

First, do you want to create a very colorful logo or one in black and white? Do you prefer warm or cool colors? With subtle variations or striking contrasts? Then, when you think about your company's values, are they more serious and upscale, or more modern and accessible? If you decide to design a logo with text, you'll also need to think about the font.


During the creation of your logo

Once you've thought of all the components mentioned above, it's time to put your ideas on stage. At this stage of the creative process, you should already have an idea of what you want to create.

Let your imagination run wild

You may not find the right design for your needs right away. But don't panic! This is the creative process, so let your imagination run wild! Make different sketches and combinations. Add and remove parts. Change colors and text. If need be, you can draw inspiration from logos that have made an impression on you. The point here is not to copy them, but rather to ask yourself why they are successful, what makes them unique.

As well, since you've drawn up a list of keywords related to your business, reread it a few times. Then, see how you can translate it visually.

Create different versions

And when you feel you're on the right track, create different versions. For example, you could use different logo types and color palettes, or simplify your design as much as possible. If you want to use your logo everywhere, it's essential that it be flexible. So you may need several versions.

Among the most common variations for a logo are a black-and-white version and a very simplified version. First, your logo may be displayed on a colored background, and your colors may not look right. A black-and-white version can make the whole thing more pleasing to the eye. Second, a simplified version, for example, the initials of the company name or the icon only, can be used for smaller sizes such as Favicons.


After the creation of your logo

Just because you have a logo doesn't mean the creative process is over. Ensure it suits your needs well. The goal here is to make sure your logo looks great, and you can use it for a long time.

Check if it meets the criteria of a good logo 

Do you know what the criteria of a good logo are? In summary, a good logo should be recognizable, flexible, simple, timeless, and distinctive. When we see your logo, do we have an idea of ​​your industry or the values ​​of your company? Is it easy to use on social media or promotional items?

It is important to mention that simple and minimalist logos are currently very trendy. The reason is simple: a simple logo is easier to use everywhere. When there are too many colors or components, everything can be difficult to adapt on different platforms.

Test your new logo

Here is the last step: to make sure you have a successful logo; we recommend you take the time to test it. Of course, you can show it to your friends or family members to get their feedback, but why not test it with your target customers? That way you will know whether your logo is liked by the right people.

This exercise remains a great option to do even when it comes to a redesign. The Mozilla Firefox company took the time to consult their community when they were in the process of creating a new brand image. This allowed them to get feedback and ensure they had an awesome new logo.

Discover the evolution of the Mozilla Firefox logo

In conclusion, although it might be tempting to jump into the creation of your logo quickly, it is recommended you follow a few steps to prepare adequately. By taking the time to define your corporate values, your target customers, and the components of your brand image, it will be easy to create something that looks like you. And if this is your first logo, do not hesitate to take a look at the advice of our experts. Best of luck!


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