Why Use a Square When Creating Your Logo

Why Use a Square When Creating Your Logo

There are several things to think about when creating your logo: style, color palette, layout of components, fonts... Did you know that shapes also have specific meaning? Do you have any idea of the values and qualities associated with squares and rectangles? Let's take a closer look at the meaning of this shape and the best examples of square logos.

Choosing the ideal shape

Before you start using a square as the main shape of your logo, it's important to ask yourself if it's relevant. Like triangles and circles, squares and rectangles are shapes with a strong symbolism. This will therefore have an impact on the overall style, but also the message of your logo. This is especially important if you want to create a minimalist logo. Each of the components in your logo must be representative and carefully chosen. 

Shapes can be as important of a component as the color palette. To illustrate this, would the Lego logo have been as memorable if the shape had been a circle? Would the symbol of the Olympic Games have had the same impact if diamonds or triangles had been used to represent the continents?

The meaning of squares and rectangles

The square is one of the most used shapes for logos, as they are associated with order, compliance and security thanks to its four equal sides. It is not uncommon to see serious companies opt for squares as the main shape of their logo. Unlike the circle, which is considered a more feminine form, the square represents masculinity.

Regarding rectangles, there are some nuances. It all depends on the direction of your rectangle. If your shape is horizontal, it shows stability, with a panoramic effect. On the contrary, if your rectangle is used vertically, it represents size and power.

Some tips when using a square in your logo

Just because you decide to create a square logo doesn't automatically indicate that you have a serious or boring business. It is quite possible to use a square as the main shape for your logo and create something modern and energetic.

To start, it is possible to use squares in different ways. You can duplicate them (like the Microsoft or Domino's logo) or rotate them into a diamond. Squares can also be used as a shape for backgrounds or Favicons. Otherwise, if you do not want to project the authoritarian side of the squares, you can always round the corners. Let your imagination run wild!


Five examples of logos with successful squares

There are many company logos that use squares. Here are five different examples of square logos that we find particularly successful to help you come up with ideas. Unfortunately, squares are a little-used shape for sports team logos.


John Deere

John Deere Logo

If you think of an agriculture-related logo, chances are John Deere comes to mind. Above, we mentioned that it was possible to round the corners of the squares. The John Deere logo is a good example of this. Just because you decide to use the square as your main shape doesn't mean all sides have to be straight.


Columbia Sportswear Company

Columbia Sportswear Company Logo

It is also possible to use shapes to create a square. It's not just Microsoft that did this, clothing company Columbia had a similar idea. It should be noted, however, that this company has been using their logo since the 1990s. In total, eight rectangles create a square. This is a combined logo, a logo that is a symbol and the name of the company.


The Home Depot 

The Home Depot Logo

We've already touched on the Home Depot logo in our article on creating logos for a construction company, but it's still a great example of a strong square logo. As we have said, the square is a shape associated with stability and stability is essential in the world of construction. Home Depot therefore has a representative logo with the use of a shape and color related to its industry.


Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network  Logo 

Just because you're in the entertainment world doesn't mean you should ignore squares. To do this, just think of the logo of Cartoon Network, the studio specializing in youth programs. Their logo stands out from the competition and knows how to attract attention. This logo has squares as a chessboard to remind us of the playful side while focusing on a strong contrast between black and white.



Honda Logo

In the automotive world, most manufacturers chose a circle as the main shape for their logo. Honda preferred to use the square instead. The logo of this Japanese manufacturer is another example of a square logo with rounded corners. Inside the square, there is the capital letter H, the first letter of the company's name. It should be noted that Honda uses different logos for their different products.


In conclusion, although the square is often associated with serious companies, we have seen that there are different ways to use this shape for your logo. Therefore, the square can help you stand out or represent your industry. Speaking of companies that have chosen this shape, did you know that the Microsoft logo has only been using squares since 2012? The arrangement of the four squares that form a window was a nod to their best-known product! 


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