Best Side Hustles Ideas to Increase Your Income

Best Side Hustles Ideas to Increase Your Income

Who doesn’t like a little extra money? We all do, with the annual inflation hovering around 7% to 8% on average. When the prices of essential commodities are soaring sky-high, and luxury goods remain untouchable, a side hustle can come to the rescue.

According to a survey conducted by H&R Block, 52% of Gen Zers said they have to side hustle to maintain their image and lifestyle. Another study by Upwork and Freelancers Union found that in 2020, over 59 million Americans freelanced, representing 36% of the total U.S. workforce. This includes a variety of side hustle arrangements, such as part-time self-employment, freelance work, or gig work. The COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed to an increase in the number of people pursuing side hustles to earn additional income or pivot to new career paths. A 2021 survey by Joblist found that 29% of Americans started a side hustle during the pandemic, with 35% planning to continue even after the pandemic ends. The overall statistics suggest that side hustles are a common way for many Americans to earn extra income and pursue their passions outside their jobs.

With so many people looking for alternative sources of income, it's no surprise that side hustles have become more popular. Whether driving for Uber or selling handmade goods on Etsy, there are countless opportunities to make money on the side. It takes dedication and hard work, but the rewards can be well worth it.


So, let’s begin with the basics. What is a side hustle exactly?

A side hustle is an excellent way to make money outside your primary job, allowing you to explore new ideas, try new skills, and potentially make it into a successful venture. It often involves providing services or selling products, from freelancing and blogging to running a business or selling handmade crafts. While it's not a full-time job, a side hustle can provide a great source of supplemental income and job satisfaction with the right combination of effort, skill, and dedication.

Are you interested in starting a side hustle but need help knowing where to begin? Don't worry; we've got you covered! From working as a social media consultant to selling clothes online, plenty of side hustles are available. Let's look at some of the best options for those looking for a side hustle that requires minimal time and effort. 

Consider setting up a blog or website to promote your services if you want to work online. You can also create an online store to sell products and advertise on social media to reach a larger audience. Alternatively, you could look into becoming a virtual assistant or offer freelance services such as web design or content writing. 

If you prefer to work in person, consider offering services that require direct contact with customers. Consider becoming a dog walker or pet sitter, offering house-sitting services, or providing beauty services such as manicures or makeup tutorials. You could also look into providing tutoring services in your local area or selling homemade crafts at a local market. 

Whatever side hustle you decide to pursue, research and develop a plan. Have a clear goal in mind, a budget, and a timeline. You can make your side hustle dream a reality with the right strategy and dedication!

This article covers the best side hustles of 2023 to help you make money and an attractive alternative career. 


Freelance Writing: 

Earning potential: $150-$2000/ month

Freelance writing can be an excellent side hustle that allows you to earn extra money while honing your writing skills. To get started, you'll need to learn the basics of freelance writing and find potential writing gigs. Start by understanding the different types of freelance writing, such as content writing, copywriting, blogging, and proofreading. Research each type of writing and determine which one you focus on. Once you’ve decided on the type of writing you want to do, create a portfolio of your work and a resume that outlines your writing experience. 

Then, you'll need to identify potential freelance writing gigs. Check job boards, online classifieds, and niche websites on freelance writing. You can also directly reach out to potential clients, offering your services and writing samples. 

Finally, ensure a reliable system for tracking your time and invoicing your clients. This will help streamline your workflow and ensure you are paid for your work.


Online Tutoring:

Earning potential: $30-$80/ hour

One of the great things about online tutoring is that you can do it anywhere with an internet connection. You can work from home and set your hours, which makes it ideal for those with other responsibilities or commitments preventing them from taking on a full-time job. You can also offer tutoring services in different subjects and at different rates based on your experience and qualifications. Another advantage of online tutoring is that you can reach a global audience. 

You can advertise your services to potential students worldwide, allowing you to reach more people and make more money. Plus, it's easy to find tutoring jobs online, as many websites are devoted to connecting tutors with students. There are a few critical points to consider when it comes to tutoring online. For example, you'll need to set up a secure payment system and ensure your computer is protected from cyber threats. You'll also need to create a professional website highlighting your qualifications and experience and providing information about your services. 


Rent your car

Earning potential: $500/ month

Renting out your car is one of the best side hustles. It can provide a steady stream of income and give you extra flexibility and freedom in how you choose to use your car. Plus, it can generate an additional revenue stream to help cover maintenance and repair costs and fill the gas tank. The first step in renting out your car is to decide what type of rental company you will use. Rental companies, peer-to-peer services, and vehicle-sharing platforms rent out vehicles. 

Next, you’ll need to ensure your car is safe and legal. You must check the safety features and ensure the car is updated on all inspections, registrations, and insurance. When you are ready to start renting your car, you’ll need to create an attractive listing with precise information. You should include details such as the make and model of the car, the rental rate, any special features, and any restrictions. It’s essential to be honest, and include all the relevant information so potential renters can make an informed decision. Renting your car can be an ideal way to earn extra money. It is essential to do your research and ensure you are following all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of yourself and your car.


Pet sitting or walking pets

Earning potential: $20/ hour

Pet sitting is a great way to earn extra money while caring for adorable animals. Whether you decide to look after cats, dogs, birds, or any other type of pet, you can guarantee that you’ll always have an enjoyable time while caring for them. If you’re considering pet sitting as a way to make some extra money, there are a few things you should know. First, you’ll need to acquire necessary pet-sitting certifications, such as CPR class or first aid. Additionally, you’ll need to figure out the best way to advertise your services and attract clients. When you get a client, you’ll need to discuss all the necessary details, such as the pet’s food and medication regimen, special needs or dietary restrictions, and other rules the owner has for their pet. You’ll need to follow all of the instructions in the letter to ensure the pet is kept safe and healthy. You’ll also need to remember to bring all the necessary supplies, such as a leash, food, water, and treats. 

Furthermore, you’ll need to ensure you do your best to keep the pet entertained, whether it’s playing with toys or taking it for a walk. Pet sitting is a great way to make extra money while interacting with animals. Knowing all the necessary rules and regulations and ensuring you have all the necessary supplies and certifications is essential.


Become a virtual assistant.

Earning potential: $300 - $1000/ month

Yet another best side hustle is to become a virtual assistant. It offers an excellent opportunity to earn extra money from the comfort of your own home. With so many businesses and entrepreneurs needing assistance, virtual assistants are in high demand and can find steady, reliable work. As a virtual assistant, you can set your hours and work at your own pace, all while engaging in meaningful and fulfilling work. You can also find virtual assistant jobs that align with your skills and interests, allowing you to build on your existing knowledge and experience. 

Virtual assistants can also enjoy the flexibility of taking on part-time or full-time gigs, and many roles offer the potential for raises, promotions, and other career advancements. Becoming a virtual assistant is a great way to supplement your income and gain valuable skills you can use in other career areas.


How do you start a side hustle?

Starting a side hustle can be a great way to make extra money while having the freedom to pursue your passions or interests. It can also provide an opportunity to learn new skills, network, and grow professionally.  Popular topics include web development, digital marketing, and artificial intelligence. You will gain the knowledge and skills needed to create successful side businesses by taking courses in these areas. Websites such as Coursera, Google Learn, Udemy, and Linkedin Learning can allow you to learn a new skill at a minimal charge.

Stay focused. Make sure you have clear goals and objectives. Research the industry and understand the market. Subscribe to YouTube channels, RSS feeds, and Social media accounts of different brands or companies from what you’d like to learn. This allows you to stay current on different industry trends and conversation topics.

Networking can be a great way to gain new clients for a side hustle. Making connections and building relationships are the core of networking. To start networking, you'll need to identify your target audience and list potential contacts. You can start networking by participating in various industry or company-related topics. This can be done by commenting on a LinkedIn post or writing a new blog. You may also participate in networking events to expand your connections. 

Consider joining professional organizations, attending events, and participating in online forums related to your side hustle. Whether you are emailing, messaging, or calling them, make sure you come across as professional and friendly. Ensure you provide details about your services, including what makes them unique. Following up with your contacts regularly also helps maintain relationships and ensure your services stay top of mind with your contacts. It also allows you to update them on changes, such as new products or services. 

Create a professional website with your portfolio and contact information when ready to start. Consider setting up an online store or offering your services on freelance marketplaces. You can showcase your work and skill to potential clients and investors with these instruments. Many website creators, such as, allow you to create a fully functioning website in minutes. You may also refer to FreeLogoDesign to create branding materials such as logos and other collaterals. 

Finding a side hustle is an excellent way to earn extra income and achieve your goals. However, it is crucial to take the time to do your research and read reviews to find the best options available. Some side hustles may be more profitable than others, while some may not fit your lifestyle or needs. The best side hustle for you may appeal to someone other than your peers. But if it helps you sustain your expenses, then why not?

Before committing to anything, consider all of your options and find the side hustle that is the best fit for you. With some research, you can find the perfect side hustle for your goals and lifestyle.

It's essential to take care of yourself, be it mentally as well as financially. Don't let your side hustle take over your life; it is meant to supplement, not consume it. Treat a side hustle as a hustle rather than a full-time job, in which case you may lose both. Work hard, but remember to enjoy life while you do. Wishing you luck and success in your hustle!


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