Inspiration: Create a Logo Using Pink

Inspiration: Create a Logo Using Pink

When creating your brand image, you must choose colors to represent you. Why not take the opportunity to use pink as the main color when creating your logo? If you are looking for inspiration to create your logo, here are some tips for using pink, its meaning, and our choices for the most beautiful logos using this shade.

Why use pink as the main color of your logo

Before we begin, pink remains strongly connected to women and women's products. However, more and more modern, and technological companies are daring to use pink for their logo. Therefore, if you want to stand out from the competition, it might be worth choosing pink for your company logo. It is a fairly trendy and modern color. There are also different shades of pink, some very showy like fuchsia or magenta and others that are softer like salmon pink or Mountbatten. Pink can also easily be combined with red, orange and purple. So, it's an easy color to use!

In addition to the fact that it is a color connected to women, pink remains very present in nature, whether it be plants or fruits. There is also a certain innocence and lightness with pink. Is it not the color of happiness as sung by Edith Piaf in La vie en rose? Pink is also often associated with love.

Feel free to discover the meaning of colors when creating your logo. Since colors all have different meanings, it is important the hues for your logo work well with your values and message.

Some tips for using pink when creating your logo

As we mentioned above, pink can be an all-purpose color. It all depends on the effect you want to have with your logo. If you want to have a delicate look, you could use pink with another pastel color like powder blue, beige, or lavender purple. White could also be an interesting option. The pink and green combination is also reminiscent of nature, especially watermelon and summer.

On the contrary, if you want your logo to easily attract attention, you could use shades like black or other warm colors. Several companies have used variations of pink and warm colors for their company logo. 

The most successful pink logos in our opinion

Unfortunately, there are not many companies or sports logos using pink as the main color. However, we have managed to find four that we found to be very successful. Note that most of these logos are logos that have mobile applications or that are present on the web. Therefore, if you are looking to create a modern logo or one that is related to technology, pink could be a great option.


The arrival of Airbnb has certainly had a great impact on the rental and hotel world. Initially, this company had a signature logo that was stuck in the trends of the 2000s. It was finally in 2014 that the company made a major overhaul of its brand image, opting for a combination mark logo consisting of a new emblem. 

airbnb logo

The other major change was the new color palette. Blue was swapped for a coral pink. The idea behind the use of pink was to show that they wanted to treat their customers with the greatest of care and be friendly.


Instagram is another one of the tech companies that has chosen to use pink for their logo. Initially, Instagram had a logo depicting a small camera made up of several details. As the trends of recent years revolve around minimalism, the American company then decided to keep only an icon representing the device during its redesign.

Instagram logo icon

As a background, Instagram chose a gradient of pink, purple and orange. It is undoubtedly one of the companies that has been able to make color gradients for logos fashionable.


In 2019, pantone's color of the year was Living Coral, a coral pink. So, it's no wonder that this shade has been used by different companies for their brand image. This is the case with Hopper, another company in the technological world specializing in tourism.

Hopper logo

It is a fairly simple but effective combined logo. As we mentioned above, pink goes very well with white. Then, for the mobile app icon, Hopper used only the icon with the pink background. The logo can be pink or white as needed, making it very flexible.

Pepto Bismol

Finally, Pepto Bismol is one of the companies that has used pink the most in their brand image. First, their product, medicine, is pink. It was therefore natural to bet on this shade for their logo and packaging. Whether it is the box or the bottle, pink is everywhere. This is particularly effective as it makes it easier to find Pepto Bismol in the aisles of a pharmacy.

Pepto Bismol logo

The type of logo used here is the signature logo, which is a type of logo only composed of the company name. For a great contrast, the name Pepto Bismol is written in yellow, which makes it easy to attract attention.


In conclusion, we hope we have managed to find reasons to encourage you to try pink when creating your logo, even if your target audience is not exclusively women. As we have seen before, it is a little-used and underrated color, especially for company logos. If you want to know more about colors, take a look at purple logos. Enjoy creating!


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