How to Create a Logo for Your Restaurant

How to Create a Logo for Your Restaurant

McDonald's, Subway, Burger King... As we know, restaurants must have a strong brand image to stand out from their competitors and have customers. These companies also use their logo everywhere: website, menu or even on the packaging. Whether you want to open a café or a high-end establishment, let's take a closer look at how to create a logo for your restaurant.

What does your restaurant offer?

Before you start drawing anything, let's take the time to analyze your restaurant a bit. What are you going to name it? What are you going to offer? What sets you apart from the competition? Whether it's a logo for a company or a restaurant, it's essential that it's representative. People need to be able, at a glance, to have an idea of what is offered and the values of the institution. For example, a high-end Italian restaurant will have a very different logo than a fast-food chain for families.

If necessary, list a few keywords that describe your restaurant. It can be words like excellent service, fresh, vegetarian, etc. Then, write down the dishes that will be your specialty. If you offer seafood, a seafood theme could very well be used when creating your restaurant logo.

Who is your target audience?

After doing the analysis of your restaurant, let's now think about your target audience. Who is your restaurant for? Again, the answer to this question will have some influence on your logo. If necessary, do an analysis of restaurants located in the same neighborhood. What kind of clientele do they attract? Is it mostly couples, students, seniors? The more you know your target audience, the easier it will be to create a logo that attracts them.

Some things to keep in mind when creating a logo for your restaurant

Now let's move on to the creation stage. There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to create a successful restaurant logo. In general, a good logo should be memorable, unique, flexible, simple and timeless.

Choose a suitable logo type

Did you know that there are several types of logos? As they all have their specific features, it is a good idea to learn about the strengths of each type in order to make the best possible choice for your restaurant logo. All types of logos can be used for restaurant logos.

Monogram logos are composed of only a few letters. This may be relevant if the name of your restaurant is composed of an acronym for example.  Restaurant chain A&W and Dairy Queen use a monogram logo.

Signature logos, on the other hand, are only the name of the company. There is no icon. Choose this type of logo if you want to showcase the name of the restaurant or owner. Subway and Five Guys have been using this type of logo for several decades.

Symbol logos are a type of logo consisting only of one image. This type of logo is used more by well-known companies or restaurants. For example, the golden arches are a symbolic version of the McDonald's logo.

If you're opening a new restaurant, the combination logo may be the most suitable type of logo for you. The combined logo is composed of both the name of the company and an icon. This allows you to combine both elements with your restaurant. For example, restaurants that have combined logos include Pizza Hut, KFC and Burger King.

The last type of logo is the badge or coat of arms. Badges are also used for logos from the restaurant world. They are often composed of several elements all inside a shape that is used as the background. Starbucks and Panda Express are good examples of restaurants using badge logos. 

Choose a representative color palette

Once you've chosen the logo type for your restaurant, it's time to think about your brand colors. Since colors have meaning, it's important to choose colors that will represent your brand and values well. 

Several colors are already associated with the world of catering and food like red, yellow and green.

You'll quickly notice that most restaurants only use two or three colors for their logo. Therefore, start by choosing a main color then choose accent colors as needed. 

Create a versatile logo

Next, it's important to keep in mind that your logo will be displayed via different mediums. You will probably display it via your website, social media, posters, menus, packaging, etc. Many food chains also have used their logo when creating their restaurant app. Therefore, it is necessary that your logo be versatile and look good no matter the place. In recent years, several major restaurant chains have simplified their logo.

But how do you create a versatile logo? First, bet on simplicity.

A logo with a few elements or details will be easier to use. Then, create different versions of your logo to meet different needs. For example, if you create a combined logo, you may want to have a version with the symbol only.

Find ideas for your restaurant logo

If you don't know where to start or simply don't have ideas for your restaurant logo, know that it's possible to find inspiration on the web. First, you could take a look at already existing restaurant logos to study their composition. Of course, never copy a logo of another company, as this will damage your credibility and your creation will not be representative. Then take a look at sites like Pinterest to come up with ideas.

Did you know that FreeLogoDesign has a page dedicated to logo ideas? We just happen to have a section reserved for food and restaurant logos. The templates that you will find on our site were created by our team of graphic designers. You can use and customize these templates to create the logo that meets your needs.

Restaurant logo examples, FreeLogoDesign

In conclusion, we hope we have given you some tips to help you create a logo for your restaurant. Start by analyzing your business, then take the time to get to know your target audience. Next, choose a logo type and the colors that will form the basis of your branding. Remember that your restaurant logo should be both representative and versatile, but keep in mind that you can always redesign it as needed!


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