What Is the Best Type of Logo for Companies?

What Is the Best Type of Logo for Companies?

If you decide to start a business, then you will need a logo that will represent you well. You will have to choose colors, fonts, and the type of logo. Have you thought about which type? What is the best type of logo for a company? Let's take a closer look at the different types of logos, their strengths and weaknesses, so you can make an informed decision.

Introduction of logo types 

We have added the different types of logos into five categories: monogram, signature, symbol, combined and badge or coat of arms. As they all have their particularities, let's look at which ones would be most appropriate for your company logo. 

Monogram logos

Let's start with monogram (or lettermark) logos. This type of logo is relatively simple and is only letters or an acronym. There are no icons. However, it is possible to play with the letters to produce different effects.

For example, IKEA, Chanel, and the New York Yankees are three examples of monogram logos. As you can see, they are three very different logos.

Monogram logo example

But what are the advantages of using a monogram logo for your business? First, this type of logo is perfect if you want to have a relatively simple logo without an icon. This is appropriate if your company name is an acronym, and you want to use only letters for your logo. You can create unique monogram logos by modifying the letters.

Wordmark logos

Now let's move on to wordmark logos. This type of logo is only the full name of your company. There are no icons, only letters. So, if you choose this type of logo for your business, you need to choose a font that will represent you well.

For example, Google, Netflix and Disney have chosen to use wordmark logos. We can quickly see here that it is the font that sets the tone of the logo. 

Wordmark logo example

But what are the advantages of using a wordmark logo for your company? First, if the name of your company is the element you want to highlight, this type of logo is a good option. The recommendation is to choose a wordmark logo if your company name is easy to remember and is less than 10 characters long. 

Symbol Logos

Unlike wordmark logos, symbol logos are only an icon. The company name is not present. In general, this type of logo is typically used by well-known companies. During their redesign, they decided to no longer have text with their logo.

For example, Apple, Nike, and Twitter all use logo symbols. When you see their emblem, you know right away which company it is. 

Logo Free Logo Design


Then why should you choose the symbol logo for your company logo? First, if your company is already well known, you may not want to put your company name on your logo. Also, if you want to highlight the main icon of your brand image, this is a type of logo to consider. 

Combination mark logos 

Did you know that combination mark logos are the most used type of logo for company logos in general? This is probably because they include both the name of the company and an icon. This brings a certain flexibility. With this type of logo, you can use different elements of your logo.

For example, Microsoft, Adidas and Guinness are three well-known companies that decided to have a combined logo. All three of them have an icon that goes the company name. 

Logo Free Logo Design Combination mark example

So, what would be the advantage of choosing a combination mark logo? There are several. First, combination mark logos are more versatile and can be used in different ways. Second, this type of logo is especially valuable for new companies, as it allows them to present the fundamentals of their visual identity, associating an icon with the name of the company.

Badge or coat of arms logos

Finally, we should not forget the badge or coat of arms logo. This type of logo has been used for a long time and is typically chosen by official entities such as universities or luxury brands. They are often composed of several elements that are located inside a shape such as a circle or badge.

For example, UPS, Harvard University and Porsche are all entities that have chosen to use a coat of arms or badge logo. This type of logo is also often prized by sports teams.

Logo Free Logo Design Badge logo

Why should you choose the coat of arms or badge logos for your company? If you want to show your seriousness or the fact that you have been around for a long time, this logo type is a good option. It is also a type of logo that allows you to add several different elements.

Our opinion on the best type of logo for companies

Before we reveal our pick on the best logo type for businesses, it's important to point out that you can choose any logo type as long as it meets your needs. That's why we wanted to take the time to introduce you to all the types of logos. It may be that a monogram logo meets your exact needs.

After analyzing the different types, the best type of logo is the combination mark logo, especially if you have a new business. Combination mark logos are often more complete and versatile – the reason why they are widely used by companies. For example, during our last redesign, we decided that the FreeLogoDesign logo would be a combination mark logo, as it is easy to use on the web. With a combination mark logo, you can decide to use only the icon when you need to – like for a Favicon. Combination mark logos are great because they have several elements that can help you convey your message (colors, icons, fonts, etc.).

In conclusion, no matter what type of logo you choose, don't forget to take a moment to understand your company's values and what you want people to feel when they see your logo. Once you've chosen which type of logo is best for your business, you'll have to choose fonts and colors. If you need inspiration, feel free to take a look at the trends of the year for creating logos. Good luck!


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