How to create a logo for your online store?

How to create a logo for your online store?

These days, it has become essential to showcase your products and services on the internet. More and more people, especially young people, prefer to buy via a website rather than having to physically go to a store. So, if you sell online, it is important to have a strong image to gain credibility. Here are our top tips for creating a logo for your online store.

Reminder: Why is it important to have your own logo?

First, why would you need a logo for your store? Quite simply, because it is thanks to this small element that we recognize you and that we differentiate you from the competition. Your visual identity comes from this logo and represents you and what you sell. It is proven that your potential customers will remember your brand logo more easily than your company's name. In addition, it makes you look more professional, especially if it is optimized in different communication channels, which develops a certain trust among visitors.

How to create a beautiful logo for your online store 

The first thing to work on is your message to future customers. What makes you unique compared to the competition? Why would they need your business? These are the types of questions that you need to answer in order to create a good logo.

Let's start with the basics of your design. There are 5 different types of logos and first you need to ask yourself which one would be best for your online store. Do you want to use the initials of your business, the full name, or a symbol? Or maybe you want to use the name and an emblem to create a combined logo?

Next, you need to make sure that your logo is visible, regardless of its size. Know that shapes also have meaning. So, are you going to use a square, a triangle or a circle? Round shapes symbolize time, continuity, movement and often reflect an image of security because they refer to the Earth. Triangular shapes are a little more complex. They represent power, energy or balance and have an innovative function. Finally for squares or rectangles, these are the most used shapes. They refer to security and stability. It's up to you to choose the shape that best suits your business.

Then, you need to choose the right color(s) of your new brand image. They should be found on your online store and logo. You should know that you can create a logo that is only black and white if you wish. If you want to add color, try not to exceed three main shades. It should be noted that most of the time, logos have only two colors. If you don't know which color goes well with let's say yellow, purple or brown, there are websites like Coolors that can easily help you create palettes. 

In terms of colors, is it better to have warm or cold colors? 

Warm colors inspire energy and optimism:

Red mainly symbolizes intensity.

Orange is associated with creativity and energy.

Yellow is invigorating.

Cool colors inspire calm and serenity:

Green is a reflection of nature and considered soothing.

Blue marks trust and loyalty

Purple is a little more mysterious and melancholic.

Colors or color mixing directly alters consumer perception. Warmer colors make consumers more impulsive while cooler colors give them a sense of security. If you opt for a colorful logo don't forget to create one in black and white too. Also, depending on your business, the meaning may vary so take the time to do your research. 

When it comes to typography, one option is to add your company name to your logo. It is worth noting that you should not use two different fonts when creating the logo of your online store. There are many different fonts to choose from and before making your decision, you have to take into account the theme of your shop and your values. In general, keep a font readable and simple.

Finally, if you want to embed an image or icon, make sure that the logo is always legible when you enlarge or shrink it. Choose something simple with few details, certainly for readability, but also because future consumers may have trouble remembering all the details. When choosing an image or icon, pick one that emphasizes the products you sell. You could make your products your emblem. If you have a diversity of products, go for more abstract graphics.

Some questions to ask yourself when creating your logo

Here's a small list of questions to find out if your logo is ready for your online store:

Does your logo convey the right message, does it target the right audience? Ask those around you for their opinion.

Are you satisfied with your logo? Do you think it is it suitably appealing and professional?

Do you think your logo is timeless? You don't have to keep the same logo for life, but you can't change it every year either. So be sure the elements you use will fit in with current trends.

Have you uploaded your logo in vector format, so that it fits the different communication platforms? If necessary, you can also use PNG format to have a transparent background.

Can your logo easily be used in the header of your online store?

Is it possible to use your logo as a Favicon?

Now you have all the tools to create a great logo for your online store. Your products and values should be your first inspiration. By keeping this in mind, you will increase your chances of creating a representative and unique logo. And if you are looking for a tool to create a website for your own online store, we invite you to discover our partner WebSelf.


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