How to Create a Logo for a Photography Business

How to Create a Logo for a Photography Business

When starting a new business, it is important to work on your company's brand image in order to be recognized easily and quickly. The world of photography is very competitive. So, how do you stand out? We recommend you have a representative logo. Here are our tips for creating a logo for your photography business. There are many more options than adding a simple camera icon!

Why do photographers need a logo?

All businesses and entrepreneurs need a logo and photographers are no exception. A logo allows you to convey your professionalism and values at a glance, hence the importance of asking yourself a few questions before starting the creative process. As there are many types of specializations in photography (portrait, commercial, family, event, wedding, children), this should be seen in your logo. Your brand image must remain representative. It is your logo and not that of a competitor(s). One of the most common mistakes is to create a logo that is too general, and this is even more true for logos related to photography.

Then think about a color palette and a font. For example, warm colors are considered more energetic, while cool colors have calming effects. If necessary, take the time to discover the meaning of colors before making your choice. Your business and what makes it unique should be your initial source of inspiration.

Which type of logo is best for photographers?

One of the questions you should ask yourself when creating your logo is which type of logo is most appropriate for your photography business? As we mentioned above, just because you decide to create a logo related to photography doesn't mean you have to use a camera icon. There are different options. Let's introduce you to the types we find most suitable.

Lettermark logos

If you don't want to put an icon on your logo or put your full name, why not opt for a lettermark logo? This type of logo is composed only of letters, often an acronym and is relatively simple. For example, you could use your initials to create a monogram logo for your photography business. Also, you could add the word photographer or a slogan at the bottom of it and play with the layout of the letters to make the whole thing more unique.

FreeLogoDesign, photography logo lettermark


Wordmark logos

If the element you want to highlight on your logo is your name, the wordmark logo may be the perfect type of logo for you. Wordmark logos are only composed of the name of your company. The important thing to keep in mind here is to choose a font that represents your values well. Some photographers prefer to use a font that looks like a signature, while others want to use something more neutral. It's up to you to choose which style is best!

FreeLogoDesign, photography logo wordmark

Combination mark logos

Did you know that combination mark logos are the most used by companies?

Since they are composed of the name of the company and a symbol, they are flexible and help a company be recognized more easily. So, it's a type of logo that could be appropriate for your photography business. Start by finding the perfect icon, then choose a font that represents you well. Know that you have access to hundreds of icons related to photography on the FreeLogoDesign editor!

Logo, company name

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Badge or coat of arms logos

Badge or coat of arms logos are not only reserved for universities and organizations.

You could choose this type of logo for your photography company if you want to highlight your professionalism and have different elements on your logo. Start creating your logo by choosing a shape for the background.

This could be a badge shape or a circle for example. Then add all the elements you find relevant: camera icon, year of creation of the company, your slogan, etc.


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Where can I find inspiration to create my photography logo?

Where to start? Where can you find inspiration to create your logo related to photography? As we mentioned earlier, your business and values should be the main elements to keep in mind when creating your brand image. It may be that a photographer who specializes in corporate photography has a very different logo than someone who specializes in food or wedding photography. Your logo is a bit like your business card. At a glance, people should be able to get an idea of your values, but also your industry.

Then there are different tools to help you find inspiration. Did you know that FreeLogoDesign has a page dedicated specifically to photography logos? Yes, we have added several logo templates related to photography. This could be a good place to start your research. Also, 121 Clicks  has compiled a list of inspiring logos created for photographers. It could be helpful to see what other studios have decided to do. Otherwise, Pinterest remains a source of inspiration that can certainly give you an idea. 

In conclusion, it does not matter if you are an amateur or experienced photographer, it is undoubtedly necessary to have a logo. Start by identifying what makes you unique and add those elements to your branding. Then, when you are satisfied with the result, remember to use your new logo everywhere: your website, social media sites, official documents and especially on your business cards. Good luck!


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