The Logo Type: Wordmark Logo

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Do you know the different types of logos? Do you know what kind of logo you should use for your business? Let's take a closer look at what a wordmark logo is, but most importantly how to make it work!

What is a wordmark logo?

To start, what exactly is a wordmark logo? A wordmark (or signature) logo is a type of logo composed only of the company name. There is no icon or symbol, although there may be a slogan or a few frills. It is the full name of the company that is used and not the initials or an acronym because that would then be a monogram logo. The wordmark logo is one of the most common types of logos.

When to use a wordmark logo?

  • You want to promote your company.
  • The name of your company is important and easy to remember.
  • You don't want to use an acronym or the initials of your company's name.
  • Your company's name is not too long, less than 10 characters.
Note that wordmark logos are used by many types of companies. The name is then the main element of the brand. For example, various consultants will simply use their names to promote themselves. In this case, a wordmark logo is a good option.

Some tips to successfully create a wordmark logo

Do you want to create a wordmark logo with FreeLogoDesign? Here are some tips to get there:
  • Choose a font that captures the message you want to send.
  • Use one or more colors that represent your values.
  • Try your logo with a slogan.
  • Play with the spacing or angle of the letters – rounded effect, diagonal, etc.
  • The end result must be readable, it should not be difficult to read the company name.

Some examples of wordmark logos

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