Everything You Need to Know about the Signature Logo

Everything You Need to Know about the Signature Logo

There is so much to think about when creating your logo. You have to choose the right colors, communicate your values, figure out how to develop your brand on all mediums... As part of your research, did you think about using a signature logo? If you want to have a logo that is simple, sophisticated, and representative, this may be the type of logo that will meet your needs. Let's take a closer look at what differentiates the signature logo from other types of logos.

What is a Signature Logo?

A signature logo, also called wordmark, is a logo composed solely of the company's name in a font that represents it well. There are no icons that accompany the whole thing. Also, most of the time, the full name is used and not an abbreviation or acronym of the name. For example, IKEA is not considered a signature logo since the company's full name is Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. However, the Spanish clothing chain ZARA is a signature logo.

Why Choose a Signature Logo?

Many people may wonder why they should consider a signature logo over a symbol or combined logo. Will a signature logo attract as much attention? We think so. Choose a signature logo if you want people to remember your name. This is especially true if you have a new business and want to make yourself known. It should be noted that this type of logo is better suited for companies that have relatively short names.

What You Need to Consider When Creating Your Logo

  • Font
    To start with, the font is the most important part of your signature logo. It should represent your values through its visual characteristics. You have to choose something that will both represent you well and attract attention. Dare to try more extravagant fonts or very simple fonts when creating your logo. Also, don't use a font that is overused. Don't hesitate to explore various avenues. If necessary, take a look at our article on the frequent errors of font choice for your logo.

  • Color
    While the font you choose is important, you should not overlook the colour of your signature logo. It is often by choosing the right shades that your logo will attract attention. Unlike a real signature, you don't have to use black or blue. Try various shades, then find the colour that will represent what you do and your values. If necessary, discover the meaning of colours.

  • Add a Slogan or Not
    People can't always tell what products or services you offer with a company name, especially in the early stages of the company. So, why not add a slogan or a keyword to your signature logo? For example, you could add the mention a photographer or real estate broker. That way, the people who see your logo will know what field you're in.

  • Spacing
    Spacing also has a role to play in signature logos. You can reduce or increase the space between letters to create various effects. If you don't think it matters, consider the ZARA logo redesign. In 2019, the Spanish company redesigned its logo and the end result was splendid with the very tight space between the letters.

  • Readability
    With any font you choose, it is essential that you can easily read your company name and/or slogan. If people are unable to read what is written at first glance, it indicates that you may have missed the boat. When creating your logo, keep in mind that your logo must be readable first and foremost. That's the foundation.

Some Examples of Signature Logos

Just because you choose to have a signature logo doesn't mean it won’t be impactful. Here are 3 examples of well-known and very successful signature logos.

Coca Cola

Here is a logo that does not need an introduction. Who doesn't know the Coca-Cola logo with its special bright red font? This century-old logo is the perfect example of a signature logo that has not had to reinvent itself over the years. Dare to show your name to promote your products.

Fichier:Coca-Cola logo.svg — Wikipédia

Source: Wikipedia


The current Disney logo is a signature logo. This American company has had different logos during its existence but since minimalism is fashionable right now, Disney removed its famous castle to give a more corporate effect. The common thread between the versions is most certainly the font, the very signature of Walt Disney. | The official home for all things Disney



It is a simple logo that works. Gillette's team opted for a simple, bold and slightly slanted font for its signature logo. Why complicate it when you can make it simple? Gillette also uses different colors for their logo so that it looks good on any product. Also, note how the dot of the "i" has an angle that looks like the sharp side of a blade. A signature logo leaves plenty of room for subtle customization.

 Gillette Wordmark | Gillette logo, Logo design, Gillette

Source: Pinterest

In conclusion, we hope you will take the time to consider a signature logo when creating yours. As we have seen, this type of logo should be used if you want to put the name of your company in the foreground. Keep in mind that you need to choose the perfect font and make sure the logo is readable, and that's it. If you're looking for more inspiration, take a look at the logos of the major French brands.  Many of these logos are signature logos!

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