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How to Create a Successful Monogram logo

As we know, there are several types of logos. There are signature logos like the ones of Google or Visa, symbol logos like those of the Apple company, and combined logos mixing the name and icons. There are also monogram logos, have you heard of them? They have been used for a long time and are much more present than one might think. Let's see what a monogram logo is and how you can achieve this!

What is a Monogram Logo?

There are different definitions, however, we can say that a monogram logo is a logo made of several letters forming a single design. The letters are used to create an emblem. They can be reversed, duplicated, or superimposed; the important thing is to use the letters of the name of a person or company to create an artistic whole representing the entity. Monograms have been used since ancient times and all throughout history. Several important members of royalty or public figures had their own monograms, which often served as the official seal. Even the Queen of England Elizabeth II has her own official monogram consisting of the letters E and R and the Roman Numeral two.

Well known monogram logos include General Electrics, Volkswagen, Givenchy, LG and Yves Saint-Laurent. The logos of these companies are composed of letters placed in a precise way. These examples also show us that it is possible to have a monogram logo for your company regardless of the field.

Why Use a Monogram Logo?

There are several reasons why it is a good idea to have a monogram logo. First, it can add a little touch of luxury to your brand image. Monogram logos have been widely used by French luxury brands such as Chanel, Givenchy, Yves Saint-Laurent and Louis Vuitton. In addition to using the founder's name as a business name, the letters of the name serve as an inspiration for the logo. Monograms were also used by kings and queens throughout history. If you want to offer high-end services or products, the monogram logo could be a way to stand out. It's also a great way to represent the founder of your company.

As well, monogram logos are typically less popular than other types of logos. It seems that these days everyone is betting on a symbol logo. Why not show some originality and create a monogram logo? This is particularly interesting if you work in an artistic field. In addition to being very easily adapted to a Favicon or the web for example, it is easy to create something simple and elegant with this type of logo.

Some Tips to Follow When Creating Your Logo

The most important rule to follow when creating a monogram logo is that you use letters: numbers are accepted too. So, don't hesitate to draw and let go of your imagination. Start by deciding which letters you want to use for your logo. Do you want to use only the first letter of your name or several? Just to let you know, monogram logos typically have a maximum of three letters. You can then try other variations. For example, you can duplicate letters, transpose them, reverse them, etc. Why not use the empty spaces in the letters or between the letters for your combinations? Your imagination is your only limit.

It's also important to choose the right font for your logo. Since the monogram logo is composed of letters, it is the font that will give the desired effect. Are you looking for a simpler and more stable look or something more creative with lots of little artistic details? Again, try different options until you are satisfied with the result.

Some Examples of Known Monogram Logos

Monogram logos have been used for a long time and by several companies. Here are three examples of this type of logo to inspire your own creation!

Under Armour 

The Under Armour company is proof that you can have a successful monogram logo even today! Their emblem is simple, representative and strong. Yet this is only combination of the U and A to represent their company name. The symmetry and the thicker ends of the letters give a very interesting result. We are far from the effect of logos like Chanel even if they are very similar in terms of composition.

Under Armour - Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia


Now let's look at an example of a monogram logo that has superimposed letters. The logo of the German company Volkswagen is a good example. First, the name can be separated into two words: "volks" which means people and "wagen" which means truck. The V was inserted over the W while ensuring that the lines perfectly aligned which each other. This is the reason why many people see an X, even if there is a thin gap between the two letters. Volkswagen has had a monogram logo since its inception in 1937.

Volkswagen rebrands with 2D logo to mark start of electric era

Source: Dezeen


Now let's talk about Givenchy. It is possible to create a monogram logo by multiplying the letters of your name to create a shape. That's exactly what this French luxury brand did. They simply reproduced the G to create a mirror effect. The whole gives something very symmetrical, harmonious, and does not go unnoticed. Here's more proof that you don't have to revolutionize everything to create a logo that will attract attention.

Givenchy (Hubert Taffin de)

Source: Etymo-logique

In short, since you now know what a monogram logo is, you'll probably notice them more! Choose the name of your company, then play with the letters to create various emblems that will represent you well. Enjoy creating!

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