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Create a Cover for Your Podcast

Podcasts are definitely one of the marketing trends of the year. Therefore, you may want to get into this radio world. Once you have the right microphone and system to record everything, most platforms will ask you to provide them with a cover. But how can you create a podcast cover that will bring in many subscribers?

A Few Words about Podcasts

Podcasts seem to be much more than a fad. It is now estimated that there are more than 800,000 different podcasts around the world! They are listened to on the road as much as at home or at work. There are podcasts on all subjects and some celebrities have started recording their own at home. But where exactly can you find these podcasts? Most are on platforms such as Apple, Google Play Music, Spotify or Podbean. Podcasts can also be found on the website of the creator. 

 Are you interested in this world? Podcasts can be an interesting marketing tool, especially if you already have a blog. You will only need to equip yourself accordingly and be able to speak for about 30 minutes. Don’t use your cell phone, and rely on audio equipment that will make your publication look pro. And speaking of professionalism, you'll also need to have a cover for your podcast that will represent you well and attract attention. Given the multitude of podcasts on the web, it's important to stand out at a glance.

Podcast Cover Specifications

 Although the specifications of the covers may vary slightly from one broadcaster to another, most of the time it is a square-shaped image reminiscent of a CD cover. It is advisable to use JPEG or PNG files containing 1400 x 1400 pixels to 3000 x 3000 pixels. Despite the generous dimensions, it is important to keep it simple since, once the image is reduced to a thumbnail, the small details may not be visible. 

How to Create a Cover for Your Podcast

The first thing you should do, after finding the perfect name for your podcast, is to ask yourself about the image you want to project with your cover. As mentioned above, it is important that your cover stand out in order to get listeners quickly. It is also essential to know who you want to talk to and what your subject is. Are you talking about the latest trends in general or do you want to discuss a very niche topic? Also, do you want to talk to businessmen in their cars or to young teenage girls? In short, before you design anything, it's important to know who you're creating this podcast for.

 Then there seems to be two schools of thought regarding podcast covers. First, there are covers with photos of the creator, then those with only text or illustrations. Of course, public figures tend to use a picture of themselves to attract attention. Regarding the second option, it is possible to create this type of cover with Free Logo Design. We suggest you take a look at the covers of the podcasts you listen to and love before making a choice.

Then, on a more technical side, here are our tips. First, choose colors that fit your field of activity. If you don't know where to start, find the meaning of colors here. Also be sure to use a maximum of three colors in order not to give a chaotic feel to your potential listeners. It's the same for fonts. Try not to use more than two to keep some harmony–the mixture between serif fonts and sans serif fonts can give neat results. Finally, it's important that your cover is easily reproducible. Like a good logo, your podcast cover should be adaptable to several mediums, including social media.

Two Interesting Podcast Covers

Stuff You Should Know
Here is an example of a podcast cover that gets straight to the point. The whole thing is simply composed of the name of the podcast in a thick serif font. Red is also a color known to attract attention. In short, you don't need to complicate things to create a brand around your podcast. Many recommend putting details in the cover that clearly indicated that it is a podcast, either by name or by icons.
Listen Free to Stuff You Should Know on iHeartRadio Podcasts ...

Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends is a great example as it is simple, flexible and memorable. This is the name of the podcast in a sans serif font accompanied by a small castle icon to remind us that these are imaginary stories. The final version of this cover is not only used for the podcast cover, but also for their social media and their website. As well, in the world of logo design, it looks like it is a combined logo as it is composed of an icon and a name.

 Myths and Legends | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts

In conclusion, we hope we have given you some ideas for creating your podcast cover. It may seem intimidating to speak to an audience, but we advise you discuss topics that you are passionate about. Start with one episode, then a second one and adjust as needed.

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