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Create a Logo for Your Twitch channel

Create a Logo for Your Twitch channel

Are you a fan of content on Twitch? Does it make you want to become a streamer and create your own community? After choosing the games you'd like to play, you should think about creating your logo for your Twitch channel. A strong logo will help you build your brand and make it recognizable, just as the mustache and mullet are associated with DrDisRespect. Here are our tips and examples to inspire you when creating your Twitch channel logo.

Twitch in a Nutshell

Twitch is a streaming platform specializing in video games. You can watch streamers play live in different games while chatting with them. In 2014, Amazon bought the company and quickly integrated it into their products. Over time, Twitch has become the benchmark in e-sports broadcasting despite the arrival of new players in the industry like Mixer or Facebook Gaming. At times, there are more than 100 million monthly active users and several thousand channels. Since there is revenue through channel subscriptions, many people start as streamers hoping to be the next Ninja, Myth or Shroud.

Creating Your Twitch Channel

It's pretty simple to create a Twitch channel. Start by creating an account, then your profile, and click Channel. You will then need to install streaming software so that you can stream your games. If you don't know which one to choose, you can use the FREE OBS software that will help you start your channel. After a few tries, create a first live stream. To gain subscribers quickly, Streamer-Pro suggests broadcasting regularly, paying attention to your title, sharing your social media broadcast and interacting with your audience.  

The Specifics of a Twitch Logo

There are several things to think about when creating your Twitch logo. Your profile picture that will be the logo of your channel should be 256 x 256 pixels in a format JPEG, PNG or GF. It is important that your logo not have small details as they are difficult to see in this format. You'll also have to create a banner related to your Twitch channel.

Our Suggestions for Creating a Beautiful Twitch Logo

As mentioned in the last paragraph, since your Twitch logo is small, avoid putting unnecessary details. In any case, whether it is a logo for a Twitch channel or for your company, the trend at the moment is minimalism. Several companies that have had logo redesigns in recent years have simplified their logos. Just think of companies like Starbucks, Mastercard or Cirque du Soleil. This trend does not seem to be changing anytime soon. Checkout some of the most popular Twitch channels. You will notice that the logos are simple and easy to recognize even in a smaller size like when in the sidebar list of videos to watch.  

Next, we advise you not to choose more than three colors when designing your Twitch logo. Start by choosing one main color, then a secondary one. You can also choose an accent color to make your logo more vibrant as needed. If you want to put the name of your channel, try different fonts to find the perfect one. Again, make sure you can see your name even when your Twitch logo is a smaller size. One option is to use only one or a few letters of your channel's name if you do not want to use your full name.

 Finally, your logo must be representative of who you are and your brand image. It is very important to use and modify the same details to ensure consistency. This is what the very popular Ninja streamer did. He used variations of his famous dark blue ninja logo on different platforms to be recognized easily.

Some Interesting Examples

We've taken a look at various channels on Twitch and here are three examples of logos that we find particularly well done.


Solary is a group of French players who are very present on Twitch. They play mainly in League of Legends, Hearthstone and Fortnite. What we like about Solary's logo is that it is simple, elegant and easy to recognize. In fact, this team has more than one Twitch channel. They have therefore standardized their logo on every channel while maintaining a strong brand image.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "solary"


NickEh30 is a Canadian streamer who plays a lot in Fortnite. As his pseudonym was a bit long for a Twitch logo, he reduced it to EH only when creating his logo. Here's a good example of what you can do to make it easy for your subscribers to recognize you.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "nickeh30 logo"


Loserfruit is an Australian streamer who is involved in a little of everything. However, her logo immediately caught our attention. This is an icon of a strawberry with eyes and no background. The result of this creation is cute, and the bright colors are attractive. There are no superfluous details and the whole thing reminds us of some Nintendo classics. In short, you don't have to rack your brain to come up with your Twitch logo!

 Résultat de recherche d'images pour "loserfruit logo"

In conclusion, we hope to have given you enough tools and ideas to create a great logo for your Twitch account. Whether you prefer to play relaxation, strategy or horror games, remember that your logo should represent you at a glance. Take the time to create your logo. This will allow you to increase your credibility and professionalism while helping you create a strong brand image and a community that will grow over time!


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