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How to Create a Logo for your YouTube Channel

We sometimes forget that YouTube is one of the most visited sites along with Google and Facebook. This video hosting site has surpassed all its competitors over the years. With nearly 2 billion users a month, it only makes sense to create your own channel, whether or not you're an expert. Once you have found your theme and audience, do not forget to create a great logo to go with it. Here are our tips and some examples to inspire the creation of your YouTube channel logo.

YouTube in a Few Words

You may know YouTube and have spent several hours in the last week watching videos on this site. Founded in 2005 by former PayPal employees, YouTube is the world's largest video hosting site. The hours spent on traditional media is decreasing as more time is spent watching videos on YouTube - especially with younger generations. Many celebrities have also started their careers via their YouTube channel, like Pentatonix, Lindsay Stirling, Lily Singh, PewDiePie, Alessia Cara and Susan Boyle. According to Alexa, it is the second most visited site on the web and searched on Google. In short, this platform is an option to consider if you want to try another social network other than Facebook. Videos won’t stop entertaining the world tomorrow, on the contrary.

How to Create your YouTube Channel

If you already have your channel, you can go to the next paragraph. If you don’t, keep reading as there are a few steps to follow in order to create your own YouTube channel. To begin, you must have a YouTube account which you have if you have a Google account. Once on the Youtube site, click on the user icon located at the top right. Click settings and create a new channel. Then, fill in certain information, including the name and description of your channel. In addition to your logo, you also have to download a cover photo.

YouTube Logo Rules to Follow

There are rules for your logo on YouTube. Some big chains use a professional photo of a Youtuber as an icon, some still go with a logo. First, the image must be nice looking and fill up the entire space as the logo is seen on several platforms. Then, YouTube recommends a resolution of 800 x 800 pixels, in a JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG format and with a maximum of 2 MB.

Our Suggestions for Creating a Great YouTube Logo

First, you should take the time to decide what will influence the creation of your logo. You must also think about your subject and your target audience. If you already have a logo for your company or website, we suggest using your main logo for your YouTube logo. You could simplify it while using the same font or colors. It is a good idea to have a consistent image that relates to your theme.

You should keep it simple when creating your Youtube channel logo. Depending on the screen size, your logo is going to be small. Therefore, you should not have a lot of details in your image. We have the same suggestion for colors. Choose a maximum of three so that your logo is not confusing to look at or appears unprofessional. In addition, we suggest you look at the logos of Youtube channels you like. What do you notice? What do you like? Do they use just an image or only the first letters of their name? You can change your logo several times before deciding on the final version. Remember that it must represent you and be a continuation of your main logo. Think about creating something that's clean, original, easily memorable and not a copy of a popular Youtube channel logo.

Some Great Examples

After some research, we found these three YouTube channel logos that will give you inspiration when you create yours. The first example is an image only, the second is letters only, and the third is a mix of both.


Ninja is one of the most popular video game players on Youtube and Twitch. This Youtuber has a brand image that is very consistent, we find the same logo on all his channels. The logo represents the game well and is easily recognizable. It is a simple ninja head drawing. Only three colors were used to create this logo: the main one is neutral and two others for accents. Finally, Ninja is also known for wearing headbands when playing which we see in the logo. It is simple and very effective.

Image blog Free Logo Design


WebSelf is a website creation site and one of FreeLogoDesign's partners. Unlike Ninja, this company decided on a simplified version of its original logo for its YouTube channel logo where it has tutorials. For their Youtube logo, Webself kept the same color and font as the original. WebSelf also decided to keep the W and the S in order to keep a strong and simple brand image.

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Modern Builds

Modern Builds is the third example of a YouTube channel logo that we want to tell you about. It is a channel on construction tutorials. We like that this logo has a balance of text and image. Although in black and white, this logo represents the channel well. It is the name of the channel in the same font as the cover with an image of a saw to represent the construction field. You can clearly see the simple details making it a good example of a logo that represents well the type of YouTube channel it is.

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In conclusion, we hope we have given you enough to create a great logo for your YouTube channel. You should always keep in mind that your logo needs to represent you well while being simple. As this is an extension of your brand, you can use your main logo to create your YouTube logo. You can even return to the FreeLogoDesign editor to edit your original logo as needed. Finally, what is your favorite YouTube logo? Is it the famous Bro Fist of PewDiePie or another?

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