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10 Things You Must Know to Do Before You Design Your Logo

10 Things You Must Know to Do Before You Design Your Logo

We see logos everywhere we look, and each one is crying for attention. So why is it that the biggest companies always seem to create the most memorable logos? The reason is that they have unlocked the best logo design secrets. They are not just fancy graphics that showcase a business name. Logos are symbolic and should always present a powerful message. This message influences buyer decisions and communicates a company’s values. That’s a lot of impact with just a logo! 

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A logo design service or any business that is looking to create a memorable logo needs to understand the link between the design and a brand’s identity. The purpose of a logo is to identify a business and its values. Always keep this purpose in the back of your mind. Trends are going to come and go, but the primary purpose of a logo is never going to change. 

Logos are a strategic marketing tool. They are not artwork and must not be treated as such. Treat it as a vital business tool. Again, a logo is not designed to stun an audience visually. Its purpose is to identify a business. 

With that in mind, here are ten of the best logo design secrets that you must consider before you get started. 

Define your Target Market

A brand can branch out into multiple markets, but they always have a primary target market that they appeal to above all others. Your target market will define the type of logo you create. Even if you plan to branch out to other markets, make sure your logo meets the expectations of your target market. 

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Do Your Homework

Research is a vital element of logo design. You must start by researching your entire industry to see what kinds of logos the big players are using. Then as I mentioned in the previous section, you’ll need to research your target market. Many companies skip research in favor of getting a logo up quickly so they can move onto money-making ventures. As a result, they end up having to redesign their logos down the road because they are not memorable. While your logo should be unique, you should use other successful brands in your industry as a standard. 

Make Sure that Your Brand Matches the Company

What I mean by this is that you should not design a logo that seems separate from your company. Make sure that the design expresses the overall values of your business. This logo will be used as a way for customers to identify with your brand, so it needs to reflect your overall values. 

Be Prepared to Draw a lot of Rough Sketches

One of the areas that I see a lot of people struggle with is the brainstorming phase of logo design. It’s very rare to get it perfect on the first try so be prepared to draw a lot of sketches as inspiration. Then you can connect the dots, combine specific ideas, and then create your final design. 

Most Logos are Type-Only

Another of our best logo design secrets is not to be afraid of text-only logos. Again, don’t struggle to try to find the perfect image unless you know something that can express your values easily. The best logos are often simple, text-only designs. The choice you make here will depend on your business, but if you do choose to go with the “text-only” option, then you have to make sure that the font and color you use carries the interest of your target market. 

Ensure that your Logo is Active 

Active logos are those that feel as if they are moving. When a logo appears to be moving, then it conveys that your brand is also moving forward. It’s a value that most businesses will want to portray in today’s market. It is also necessary to note that text-only logos can also be active. Leading companies have discovered that customers connect better with logos that are active because they want their favorite brands always to be moving forward. 

Carefully Consider the Font Type and Colors Used

Colors are of the utmost importance when designing logos. Every color carries a different emotional attachment with it so you must carefully consider this when creating a brand logo. Font type also plays a role. More playful font types express a more casual setting while serious fonts represent a sense of professionalism. For example, law firms would not use a comic style font to represent their brand. But a graphic designer would want to use a more casual type of font. 

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Be Creative

A logo must stand out in the crowd because businesses are trying to raise brand recognition in a noisy market. Don’t be afraid to be different. Unique and memorable logos are quite rare, and they stand out by a mile. Just be careful that you don’t fall off-track here. Unique logos must still portray the overall values of your brand. 

Keep it Simple

With logo design, less is always more. Don’t get too fancy here since you are trying to create a memorable experience. The key to creating a successful logo is to make sure that it’s eye-popping in all sizes. This requires us to keep things as simple as possible. Look at how simply Amazon’s logo is and how it represents their values. Their simple logo uses two letters to show us that they offer everything from A to Z. 

Your Logo Should Make a Statement

Whether you are using a logo design service or creating it in-house, you need to make sure that your logo makes a statement. A logo should capture your audiences’ attention quickly and make a lasting impression. Dare to be bold and showcase it everywhere your brand can be seen – social media, your website, and all marketing material.

A Great Logo Screams for Attention!

Creating a fantastic logo is a time-consuming process because there are so many factors that must be considered before you even get started. But once you have a great logo, it will scream for attention. It will make a lasting impression on your target market. 

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