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How to create an exceptional logo for your startup business

Currently, the world we live in is facing the ups and downs of communications and the internet. Individuals and professionals must adapt to these transformations to give visibility to their activities.

Today, in this article, we talk about the necessity of a logo, but also why should you create an exceptional logo for your startup business!

1- / Reflect your company’s image;

Remember, your logo is at the center of your brand. It must reflect the image of your business or activity. A logo is really important because it maintains consistency with your brand and other elements, such as business card, website, colors and fonts used.

All of these may appear as small details, but they are necessary to obtain a professional approach.

2- / Create harmony with colors

Each color has a meaning, decide from the beginning how you want to get your message across. Don’t overload your logo with bright colors, your customers might feel overwhelmed. For more information about colors and their meanings, you can read this article.

3- / Use a legible font

Your logo must be recognizable to the public and they must be able to identify almost your company when they see it.

The use of icons can give your logo some edge, but be careful which icons you use, as they can be of double-meaning very easily. Stay neutral and pick an icon that reflects your field of activity.

Tip: Here's how to add an icon to your FLD logo

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your template
  3. Look at your search bar and click on '' Add an icon ''
  4. Find and type the desired icon
  5. Add it to your logo

4- / Simple, effective and modern:

These are the three most important things to remember when designing your logo. Your logo must be easily identifiable by the general public. It must really represent your activity and you should customize it to make you stand out from the competition. Take the greatest care when designing your logo because this is the first visual that will judge your potential customers, friends, and colleagues.

You have probably figured out a logo is needed in a 21st-century company. It represents your brand image and can be an important asset for your business!

Happy logo creation :)

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