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You created your logo, now what?

Congratulations, you’ve created your new awesome logo! Whether you use our tool, freelogodesign, or you had the help of a design agency, you need to showcase your brand new logo to the world! So, what comes after the logo creation? Here are three ideas you can do to get your business up and running!

1. Update your social media

Once you get your brand new logo, the first step is to show your customers!


  • Unveil your new logo by creating a post on your social media
    • Hype it up! Create multiple posts to countdown the unveiling of your brand new logo
  • Showcase your new logo by creating a post that explains the new colors, the choice of font, and the story behind your logo
  • Change all of your social media accounts at the same time, and encourage your followers to comment, like and share!

2. Create your website

You still don’t have a website? You definitely should.

Our partner,, offers a simple tool to create a professional website easily, and for free. Whatever your field of activity, first select a template, then edit and change your information and publish it on the web! Don’t forget to add your logo to your website, and stay coherent with your brand. 

3. Create your business cards

The next step is to create business cards. There are many advantages to having business cards, but they are most useful to get your business known when networking. Business cards have to include: your name or business name, your contact information and your logo. For more information on business cards, you can read this article or follow our business cards board on Pinterest.

Get creative! Here are websites that help you create your own business cards

Here are our 3 steps to take when you are done creating your logo! Now get that business up and running, good luck :)

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