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Business cards: the Do's and Don'ts

Having business cards handy is still useful, despite us being in the digital age. There’s just something about having business cards ready when you meet a potential client or when you are networking. Of course, you want your business card to reflect the core of your business and to stand out, but sometimes, people take it a little too far. This simple guide will help you design the perfect business card for your company!


1. Prioritize simplicity over creativity

Sure, being creative is awesome in order to stand out from everyone else trying to sell their product and it shouldn’t be neglected, but make sure your business card is readable, first. Prioritize simpler fonts and colors and don’t add shades or images that are too extravagant. You want your customers to be able to find your contact information when they need it.  

2. Choose your fonts and colors wisely

For your business card to be effective, you need to wisely select readable fonts and colors. Make sure, if you have a specific branding of your company, that you use those same or similar fonts and colors. Your business cards should be a good continuity of the rest of your brand. Moreover, your font should be big enough so that your potential customers don’t have to squint in order to get your contact information.

3. Add your logo

Your logo represents your identity as a business and you should be proud of it. After you’ve finished creating your logo with Freelogodesign, you can simply add it to your business cards or other promotional items. Your logo is a direct representation of your company, so make sure it fits with your business’s brand image.


1. Leaving out information

It is said that to be effective, a business card should have at least 3 contact information. Usually, it will be :your name, a phone number and an email address. If space permits, use it to add your company name or website. Leaving out an email address or phone number will make you look unprofessional.

2. Too much going on

As we previously mentioned, creativity is awesome in all aspects of your business but you don’t want to lose customers over crazy fonts, fluorescent colors and unreadable contact information. You can easily lose focus on the essentials on a business cards, as small as it is!

3. Grammar or spelling mistakes

You want your business to be taken seriously, so make sure your texts are impeccable. If you aren’t an expert, add a specialist of someone close to you to look over your information and make sure they are perfect before sending them to print. If your company name, logo or contact information change, make sure you get some new cards made, and keep your clients in the loop!

Don't forget to have fun while creating your business cards! 

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