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The biggest mistakes in logo design

While creating a logo should be something you enjoy doing especially if it’s for something close to your heart, like a sports club or your small business, it is important to keep in mind some logo creation guidelines! Remember that your logo is the core of your business, it’s supposed to be memorable, unique, and timeless, among other things.  It’s easy to get carried away with the creation of a logo and make some mistakes. To help you create a logo that will blow your current, and potential customers away, here are some examples of the most common mistakes in logo creation!

1. Missing the point

When you’re creating a logo, you should firstly focus on the message it wants to portray. Depending on your target market and the type of logo you’re designing, you want it to represent the core of the business. Before even starting the design, ask yourself: what is the message I want to communicate to potential clients? Work around that idea to create multiple logos and then choose the best fit! Don’t forget to ask your friends and family for their opinions, inputs, and comments! Missing entirely the point of the logo can have a bigger impact on your business than you thought.

2. Using too many fonts

When creating a logo, you should first focus on the message. Obviously, you could have the right message, text, or catchphrase... if your audience can’t read it, then you have a problem! Using too many fonts, or the wrong ones, can have an impact on the general design of your logo. Make sure you use one, or two (maximum) fonts and that they are readable.

3. Innapropriate shapes and forms

When designing a logo, whether it’s for you or for a client, make sure it is appropriate for your target market.  We’ve all seen them, those logos that have a double meaning when you look at the shapes and/or forms, and they, obviously, should be avoided! The best way to make sure your logo looks sharp is to ask for advice from friends and family, maybe they will see something you don’t!

4. Making grammar or spelling errors

We won’t tell you enough: proofread your logo before showcasing it on the web. Why? Well, for starters, errors, whether they are grammatical or spelling, can take away some notoriety. You usually don’t take a business very seriously if they can’t spell or make mistakes in something as important as their logo.

5. Copying

Well, that’s a given but it’s still a mistake we should address. There aren’t limits to getting your inspiration from existing logos but don’t copy... you can be heavily penalized! Copying other logos will make you lose credibility. Remember, you want your logo to be memorable and unique!

6. Relying on trends too much

If you have a great logo idea, stick to it. Of course, you can rely on the 2017’s biggest logo trends to inspire you, but also try to create a logo that will be timeless and that will age well. Therefore, use neutral colors, a nice readable font and stick to your gut when it comes to creating a masterpiece. We believe in you and your creative ideas!

Happy creation!

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